Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 21 January 2018

Shoe cabinets or racks are a must for every home. But when buying one, you need to keep a few things in mind

You may or may not decorate your home with paintings, mirrors, masks, statuettes, carpets, crystals but what you cannot possibly miss out on is a shoe rack or a cabinet. Your home may sport a fabulous decor, but if you have shoes scattered across your living room or near the entrance, the whole look will be spoilt. So investing in a functional and attractive shoe cabinet is a better deal, a necessity and making it a part of the interiors is a must, not a choice.    

Shoe storage can be either in the form of shelves, closets or cabinets depending upon the space you want to allocate to your footwear and the square feet you have at your disposal at home.

“A simple yet functional and space-saving cabinet can work well,” says interior designer Swapna Batual adding that a concealed storage space can be designed as per requirement. 
Cabinets are available in slim metal, fibre or wood depending on the choice of the user. “Cabinets are very convenient to store plenty of shoes in small apartments as they occupy less space,” Batual further adds. 

There are several types of shoe cabinets to fit your needs — some are hydraulic, some in a form of drawers, while some come along with a seat making it convenient to put on your shoes. 

If one is looking to save a lot of floor space, Batual suggests that they make use of the wall mounted racks or shelves which are available in the market at low rates. Mounting some shelves on the walls helps us use maximum vertical space and store more shoes,” says Batual adding that it is also a good option for those who love to display their footwear collection. 

Talking about the placements of shoe cabinets, Batual says that they can be kept at the entrance lobby or near the door. To make them more attractive, you can place decorative pieces, artefacts or small potted plants on the top part of the shelf.  

Priyanka Dhumal, a home decorator, says, “No matter whether a person owns two pairs of shoes or 20, a shoe cabinet or rack is essential for the home. It helps one to organise their footwear conveniently and allows quick and easy access to a particular pair when stepping out of home. A shoe rack also works as an excellent storage device. Some racks provide users with multiple  utilities and advantages. You can store other stuff, which generally lie on the floor, and make a good amount of floor space available for other utilities.”  

While buying a shoe rack, Dhumal says that the first thing to consider is, “The size of the cabinet and the area available for it in your home; the pair of shoes you own should not be your only consideration.” 

She believes that the second aspect is that the style of the shoe cabinet or rack should complement the décor of the space or room. The third aspect to consider is accessibility to the footwear. “Buy a cabinet or rack which allows easy access to your footwear. If you have to struggle to find a pair, then it’s no use,” she says. 

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