Of scents, fragrance and warmth!

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 7 January 2018

Smell of food, moist clothes and odd things can often dampen the beauty of your home. Here’s how you can ensure a pleasant-smelling house

The sense of smell is very strong and sometimes, everlasting. Often, a scent or fragrance brings back old memories of a particular time and place. While your perfume often becomes a part of your identity, the choice of fragrance for your home too reflects a lot about your taste and liking. The décor — colour of cushions, designs on the curtains, shape of lamps, the wood used in your furniture and so on — is important, but keeping your home fresh and smelling good is significant too. While there are electric air purifiers and cans of compressed air fresheners available in the market, it makes a lot of sense to keep your house smelling good using natural ways.

Rizwan Sheikh, city-based perfumer, who makes and deals in perfumes, ittar and home fragrances, says that while ready-made home fragrances and fresheners are in demand, it is the natural and homemade ways of keeping the house clean that last longer and often keep the air clean. He says, “Many come to us and say that the air freshners only lasted about a few hours, but what they forget is that, before you use them, you need to first declutter the house. Ensure that there are no smelly socks in the house, the kitchen is clean, your dustbins don’t have garbage over one day, there are no wet clothes lying around as these emit odour that is not just unpleasant but also strong enough to overpower the sweet fragrance of air freshner.”

Sheikh suggests that it is always wise to go for subtle and soft-smelling fragrances as they stay in the air longer.

There are many natural ways you can opt for to keep your house fresh. “You can make air fresheners at home or create a potpourri of dried petals that work wonders for homes. They are organic and pocket-friendly at the same time,” says Deepa Mazumdar, Kolkata-based perfumer.

Mazumdar shares a few tips on how keep to do this:
DIY air fresheners: Potpourri is an amazing way to add fragrance to your home. You can either buy it or collect petals of your favourite flowers, dry them and keep them in pouches and place them in your house.
Bring some greens: Never undermine the role of indoor plants when it comes to keeping the air clean and fresh. You can also bring in some flowers that have sweet and pleasant smells.

Diffusers: You can use almond oil or coconut oil, vodka (unflavored), essential oils in your favourite scent and some reeds to create a diffuser at home. For a small cup of almond or coconut oil, mix a quarter cup of vodka and add in about 15-20 drops of the essential oil of your choice and then transfer the contents to a close-neck bottle and place the reeds in the bottle.

Aroma candles: Aroma candles are a great way to spread warmth and make the ambiance of your house intimate. You can always buy organic candles from a Khaadi shop or a local candle maker, but making them at home means that you can use your favourite scent. Take some old candles, essential oil of your choice for the aroma and crayons to give some hue colour. Put everything in a double boiler. Melt and pour the concoction into molds and position the wick and let it cool and your aroma candles are ready.

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