Savour the Kebabs

Amol Gokhale
Monday, 19 June 2017

At the Kebab and Beer Festival at Sen5es, Marriott Suites, you can try a mix of interesting veg and non-veg varieties

As a kid, I have distinct memories of going out for dinner with family and visiting our favourite restaurant and enjoying the usual dishes every time, unknowingly defying the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.  But a few names on the menu, like kebabs, would get stereotyped which never went beyond the Seekh Kebab variety. But as I grew up, I learnt that kebabs can be of different types and later became  a fan of this lip-smacking appetiser.

Sen5es at Marriott Suites Pune, Mundhwa, is hosting Kebab and Beer Festival, which will conclude on Saturday. So if you want to enjoy some delicious kebabs, you know your destination. Although Sen5es serves dinner buffet, we opted to skip the main course and just had kebabs and we had plenty to choose from.  

One associates kebabs with meat, but vegetarian kebabs offer a chance to try something we have never tried before. When we asked for Veg Kebab Platter, we got Karaddar Paneer, Capsicum Kebab, Akhrot and Chilgoza Kebab and Jackfruit Kebab. Oh, wait! What is this sweet fruit doing in a kebab festival? But it is one of the best kebabs you can ever have! 

The sweetness of the jackfruit is balanced with the tangy and savoury flavours of the spices with which it is prepared. But one must be careful of the seed while eating a piece of the kebab. 

Another interesting combination on offer is Capsicum Kebab —  filled with potatoes, mixed veggies and pomegranate. 

Among the non-veg kebabs, you can try Lemongrass Shabut Murgh, Murgh Jaffrani Makhmal, Chatpata Tandoori Kathal in chicken variety. In lamb variety, you can choose from Kundan Kaliya, Bharat Kebab and the list goes on.

But, just like Jackfruit Kebab, Irani Kebab, served piping hot from the skewers and garnished with butter, and served with delicious chutneys as great accompaniments, is ambrosial.

Mint chutney is the first accompaniment that comes to mind when having kebabs or appetisers, but sous chef at Sen5es, Praduman Singh Bisht, has crossed all barriers with his chutneys.

“We don’t have a fixed set of chutneys, but Date and Garlic is my signature chutney. It has the sweetness of dates and the hot taste of garlic. We serve different chutneys every day, and make a chutney from any kind of produce. For example, if we run out of a particular chutney, we make one from what we have,” he said.

Further elaborating on chutneys, he said, “Pineapple-and curd-based chutneys are sweet and go well with spicy kebabs. Also, Mango and Chilli, and Date and Garlic chutneys have a sweet and savoury taste, which balances the flavours of the kebab,” he further added. 

Although the kebabs are spot on, the beer part of the festival can leave beer fans disappointed. One will get a draught beer complimentary with the buffet, but there isn’t much to choose from. However, you can choose to compose your own beer bucket from the popular brands. 

Kebab and Beer Festival, Sen5es, Marriott Suites,  Mundhwa, Koregaon Park Annexe 
Timings: 7 to 11 pm till June 24

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