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Alisha Shinde
Monday, 16 September 2019

The MyGate app offers numerous innovative features to simplify daily chores and improve security standards around your gated community through its Security and Community Management modules

Security has become a pressing issue in India. Sure there are gated communities with good security solutions, but a common concern is that anyone can simply enter your housing society under the pretext of delivering food or being a guest and they will get entry because the security guard has no knowledge if the reason that they have stated to visit a particular house or building is true or not. 

There are a lot of home safety options available in the market but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could control who you want to give access to when you are at home or away? 

Vijay Arisetty, CEO and co-founder, MyGate, tells us more about the app that offers numerous innovative features to simplify daily chores and improve security standards around your gated community through its Security and Community Management modules.

How it works
MyGate helps residents of gated communities manage their visitors, domestic help and deliveries by enabling them to connect with the main gate security in just a click on the app. The guards at the main gate, in turn, can communicate with residents to seek and receive visitor permissions. Residents can also make society maintenance payments, communicate with their neighbours, book amenities (in societies with a clubhouse) and raise tickets to their facility manager.

Arisetty explains that over the last decade, factors such as the rise of e-commerce, food commerce, and ride sharing apps, have led to a dramatic increase in traffic at the gates of housing societies. “MyGate started as a system to address this massive problem and has since then, evolved into a full-fledged community management app, with accounting, communications and complaints management features, too,” he says. 

Since the app is used by both the residents of the housing society and the security personnel with different educational backgrounds and understanding of technology, Arisetty says that it has been designed keeping in mind the varying literacy levels in India. “Any person who understands numbers (0-9) can easily use it and over the past few years, 60,000 plus guards have been trained on the platform,” adds the co-founder. 

He points out that the app for residents is also extremely easy-to-use, and is already a fixture in the lives of people of all ages. “We ensure that all interactions can be completed in just a click and to be sure of this, we also commonly host demos for residents before going live in a community to ease out the process for all the residents,” says Arisetty. 

With everything moving online, be it ordering food, clothes or groceries, many delivery boys need access to enter the premises. Arisetty says that these delivery executives too follow the same procedure. “We have also partnered with some large brands such as Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo to increase the speed at which their delivery personnel are verified,” he adds. 

When asked if it hampers the element of ‘surprise’ when it comes to some surprise parties, Arisetty points out that the users agree that the everyday benefits of MyGate, in the form of better security and greater convenience, outweigh the downside of not being able to host a surprise birthday party.

MyGate not only focuses on security but other day-to-day activities also. Arisetty says that the app is now a full-fledged community management app that has a community forum where residents can discuss society matters. “It has a complete accounting and payments management tool to simplify the work of the residents’ association and also a system through which residents can raise complaints to the facility manager,” concludes Arisetty. 

The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But to be able to fully utilise and experience the benefits, the management committee of your society needs to sign up with the app company.

Features of the app
Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome

  • Give your guests a seamless ride past security with MyGate. With a six-digit MyGate passcode, there’s no need for the register or even a phone call.

All The Assistance You Need

  • Be notified the moment your staff enter the premises, automatically maintain attendance and find the best-rated help in your community.

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