A royal treat

Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 26 September 2019

Enjoy the delectable cuisine of the Nizams and Nawabs of India with a hearty spread at Kangan, The Westin Pune

The best thing about India is that you can taste the cuisine of the royals even in 2019. Our khansamas, maharajas and chefs have kept alive the legacy. Be it the richness of cashews in the gravy, the slowly cooked meat or the delicately cooked dal, the royals who settled in our country brought along with them some of the best dishes ever curated in their kitchens and passed down the recipes, which generations have been enjoying over centuries.   

If you want a slice of history, head to Kangan, The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park, and relish Awadhi cuisine. This fine dining restaurant offers a limited menu, but each dish is exotic which makes it tough to choose. To understand the flavours of a particular dish, you can talk to the service executive and then place the order.  

At many restaurants, you may have to wait long for the food to arrive at your table after the order is placed. Here, you can skip this. While your meal is being prepared, you can nibble on some roasted papad, a range of chutneys and pickles and a lightly spiced naan.   

The Awadhi cuisine at Kangan is one of the best we have  had. The delicate balance of flavours, textures and colours makes the experience  heavenly. 

Roomali Roti Masala Papad is the perfect accompaniment to your meal. It’s light, flaky, full of flavours, and enormous. You might overeat, so watch the portion!

For starters, we had the Vegetarian Platter that consisted of Dahi aur Singdana Kebab, Anari Paneer Tikka and Subz Tarkash. I don’t enjoy curd, but Dahi aur Singdana Kebab has altered my preferences. Fried bread parcels packed with yoghurt, peanuts and peppers, the starter tastes delicious and the mint chutney goes perfectly well with it.  

Another gem was Subz Tarkash. The kebab made with minced vegetable had cheese and bell pepper topping. It tasted like a good cheese chilli toast with an Indian twist.  

If you are a kebab aficionado, do not forget to try Banno Kebab. Fried in egg white, the soft, fluffy coating on top makes this medium spicy, tender, flavourful tandoori kebab even more flavourful.     

For the main course, Amrud Ki Sabzi was our pick. As the name suggests, the dish was unique. This preparation of cut and pan fried guavas in a rich and creamy tomato and onion gravy is ambrosial. People who don’t enjoy eating guava are going to relish this sweet and savoury dish for sure. Amrud Ki Sabzi tastes best when paired with a selection of Indian flat breads.

Next, we tried the chef’s special recommendation — Dal Kangan. Black lentils simmered overnight with tomatoes, chillies, butter and heavy cream, the dal is a must try. The heavy use of butter and cream is not overwhelming; it rather adds a smooth texture to the dal, which can be enjoyed with roti or rice or without any accompaniment. 

Meat lovers can relish Matka Murg. Boneless chicken pieces cooked in Indian spices, with onions and tomatoes, this red gravy dish is fit for the royals. The aroma too is enticing.   

Ending this royal treat on a sweet note, we had Kesar Rasmalai. The soft malai dumpling soaked in rich flavourful saffron milk, instantly melts in your mouth the moment you pop it in.  

If you want a royal treat, you know where to head. On weekdays, the restaurant is open for dinner only and on weekends, they serve both lunch and dinner. 

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