On the road, with Discovery

Omkar Paranjape
Saturday, 9 March 2019

The fifth generation Discovery, one of the newest members of the Land Rover family, is made for adventure lovers

When it comes to a proven off-road recipe, look no further than the Land Rovers. One of newest additions to an already impressive garages of the JLR, the ‘Land Rover Discovery’ makes an instant impression and is most likely to strike a chord with any off-road fanatic.

Hands on experience
The Discovery is a big, big car and you realise that as soon as you ‘climb’ into the cabin. Although it possesses a great presence, the impressive SUV is clearly not made for the narrow city roads and can be best assessed on rough terrains. I decided to test it on topsy-turvy roads and headed for the ghats of Bhor on a fine Sunday morning. 

The Discovery’s 4x4 system was far more competent at driving off-road, and it just shrugged off whatever terrain we went over. Kaccha rastaas are handled as though they are tarmac. The JLR also provides a button that raises the air suspension to its ‘off-road’ setting, giving you a massive ground clearance. It sets such high standards that after a couple of hours of driving though rough terrains, the Disco (as it is cheekily called) barely breaks into a sweat.

The Discovery scores big on its chic interiors, that match any premium sedan. Being a big music junkie, I look for powerful speakers in all the cars and the Discovery is loaded with 380W Meridian sound system with 10 speakers and a dual channel subwoofer. The audio can be easily navigated by touch screen functions. 

Unique identity
Apart from the fact that all the seven plush seats can seat fully grown tall adults, what I found really interesting about this beast is that one can fold the second row and third row seats in any given combination with the touch of one’s finger on the touchscreen. 

The engine story
The 3-litre petrol engine is more than capable to carry the load of seven adults and their luggage, and personally it was great to feel the zip of the engine even on hilly terrains. The powerful SUV commands the road with its presence and the engine to back it up. 

The verdict
The new Discovery is practical, enjoyable to drive, seats seven comfortably and is very capable off-road. It has been brought in the market for certain consumers and what differentiates it from the others is that despite being a very capable off-roader, the Discovery still has a very premium appeal about it. I personally found it a very capable SUV, one that’s a brilliant all-rounder, to say the least! 

Technical specifications:
Engine: 3000cc petrol, V6
Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic
Fuel tank capacity: 89 litres
Seats: 7 persons
Boot Space: 258 litres (expandable up to 2406 litres)
Price: Rs 77.86 lakh

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