Rethink, Redesign

Sonam Gupta
Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sonam Gupta, design head of Tangerine, a home decor brand, gives you the low-down on what new changes you can bring to the interiors this year

Each year brings with it a new cycle of seasons and new creativity to do something more in/around the space that matters to you the most — your home. Since it is so important for us to give our home a fresh look every season, why not really sketch a creative plan to do the unthinkable this year? 

So bid goodbye to some old styles and add an ultimate sense of personal creativity and infuse fresh appeal to your decor. Here are some ideas... 

Beautiful bedroom
It is time to say goodbye to doing the bedroom in the usual way. People need to treat the bedroom as a personal haven and experiment using colours, designs and fresh patterns. Add to it the contrasting designs of pillow covers and whoa! Your bedroom is ready to sport a different look this season. A lot can be done in the bedroom space to show personal taste and new preferences.

Cushion collage
If you have been overlooking the cushion styles available in the market today, then you are really missing out on the trending home decor ideas. There is so much to do with these stuffed pieces and their special covers, available in nature motifs, vibrant colours, new designs and patterns to bring in the comfort inside the bedroom or the living space, for example. New colours immediately create a contrast impression, make sure to use them exuberantly this season.

Delightful duvets
If you have not been using these still, try them out. Their bright, cheerful patterns will instantly transform the look and feel around you. They can be especially contrasted to add layers to the bedding decoration. Use a simple bedsheet and cover it with a duvet full of colours or put contrasting shades or colours to your bed cover and duvet to create the perfect match.

Cheerful curtains
Say no to dull curtain styles, instead find time and space to bring in a cheerful vibe by thinking about the window draperies a bit more mindfully and decoratively. You can bring in a green theme by using different shades of the colour and give it a fresh twist by trying new motifs. Don’t forget to be bold and get experimental with your preferred colour choice. 

More colours please
When it comes to the overall home decor, say  no to the same cream, greys or whites this season. Instead, try the new forms of these colours. Replace cream with golden or bronze to show your taste in a fresh colour tinge. In place of greys, use sparkling silver and for the whites, stick to it if you still wish to continue, but add more contrast to bring in a wider palette of colours.

These are some must-do things to bring in some change to the interiors, without being loud or going out of the way in terms of affordability. All you need to do is fine-tune your mind to accept the changes in colours or style, or even if you stick to the same, do so with a hint of change. Only personal attention to detailing can add a fresh vibe and bring in a renewed sense of purpose at home this year.

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