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Amrita Prasad
Monday, 1 January 2018

Ever dreamt of becoming a rapper? Download RapChat: Rap Maker & Studio, and see how well you can explore your talent

Whether you aspire to be a professional rapper or want to take it up for fun, RapChat: Rap Maker & Studio can put you on the right track. Rapping is big in the music world and rappers are on a roll with many of them gaining global popularity. With RapChat available on App Store and Google Play, you too can explore your rapping talent.

The app, which has helped artists like Waka Flocka, Chris Webby and several others gain popularity, can be your tool to fame too. It also lets you connect with other rap artists on the app. Not just that, once you create your rap, you can share it on the app and other social media platforms for others to analyse your talent, and post their likes and comments.

The app lets you pick a beat from a library, rap over the beat and easily share it internally on RapChat. People can then comment on your rap and ‘like’ them, and you can try getting them to trend on the charts. You can drop a freestyle rap or use the notepad tool to write a couple of rhymes. You can also easily share your songs on SoundCloud or Twitter, Facebook Messenger or send a link to anyone. The app has over 100 beats and instruments to work as background music for your rap.

The interface allows you to create your own rapper name, set up your RapChat profile and showcase the rap that you have recorded on the app. The Top Raps and Rappers, showcase the best raps registered on the app, so if you want to be featured among them, ensure that you record your best rap on the platform.

Despite not allowing users to download the recorded music, the app has been a big hit among music lovers. So if you are planning to follow in the footsteps of Kanye, Eminem, Wiz, Drake or Nicki, or just want to have a rap battle with your friend, RapChat is your go-to tool.

Highlights of the app
-The app is well-designed, keeping it simple and straightforward.
-You have the ability to either freestyle into the mic or you can write down your rap to read while rapping.
-You have option to rap through the speaker phone or use the phone while wearing headphones.
-You can send a link of the song so that people don’t have to download the app to listen to it.

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