A rainbow of colours, images and textures

Friday, 7 September 2018

City-based artist Manjri Gupta, who is hosting a workshop on mixed media gift boxes, tells us how it can be a perfect way to express our thoughts and emotions for loved ones

Gifting is the perfect way to express emotions. Some like to invest money in buying something fancy for their near and dear ones, while a few thoughtfully pick up their presents for friends and relatives, investing their time and effort in decorating them, packing in gift boxes, ensuring that the recipients look forward to opening them up with a big smile. 

Manjri Gupta, a city based artist, who is hosing a workshop on mixed media gift boxes, tells us, how the concept of ‘gifts’ is now changing forms. Talking about the trend, Gupta adds, “Every individual seeks customisation these days so that the gifts stand out and break the cycle of monotony. Hence the mixed media boxes are now gaining popularity.” A mixed media box is basically a gift box made from scratch, depending on the theme and its decoration. Gupta, who attempted to make her first gift box from mixed media art, a few months back, says, “It is like any other canvas. You just have to let your creativeness flow. The best part is that the gift box can be made with anything and everything that is available at home. It really makes gifting sustainable. You can make and gift the box to someone for their birthday or anniversary. Or you can just make one for yourself if you like art.” 

But why call it mixed media? She says that since it is a medium to express your thoughts and what you feel, you can choose any number of elements that you may want to work. “It is a creative way of putting different colours, images, textures, imagination and more importantly emotions on the canvas or the box,” she says. 

The self-taught artist who finds her inspiration to create art by looking at craft videos online, Gupta will be hosting a workshop at Gyaan Adab on how to accurately make a mixed media gift box. She will be covering different techniques such as preparing the surface with priming, painting, stencilling, sealing and sticking materials.

And there is nothing to be afraid of even if you think that you are not very creative. “Each and every person has the capacity to create art. There is nothing to be scared of because you’re putting in your heart and soul in it. So it will turn out perfect,” she says.

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The 3D mixed media arts workshop will be held at Gyaan Adab, Kalyani Nagar on Saturday (Sept 8) from 2-6 pm

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