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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 15 April 2018

Upcoming model Swastik Deshpande shares why it is important to rest your body after a good workout

We live once and we get this body to live in only once,” says Swastik Deshpande, adding, “It’s up to us to take care of it.” The 25-year-old, who aspires to become one of the top fitness models, tells us why being fit and healthy is an important part of his life. Deshpande believes that exercise and diet are tools with which can help chisel your body and make it look good. That’s what motivated him to take up fitness. “Being fit and healthy makes me happy and feel good. An exercise regime helps me push harder and achieve targets that once seemed to be impossible,” he explains. 

The youngster focuses on compound exercises for three days a week which include squats, bench press, deadlifts and bent over rowing. On the remaining three days, he concentrates on isolation workouts which is essential for racking up volume and attacking weak muscle groups. “My workout routine includes various weight training and cardio exercises which directly impacts the fat in the body ultimately breaking it down and increasing the level of energy,” says Deshpande. 

He then goes on to talk about dietary patterns. It is often said that when you want to take up gyming to stay fit or lose weight, you need to follow a specific diet. Many people interpret this as cutting down on food, which is wrong. 

“I do not follow any special or specific diet. However, my aim is to consume more protein rich food, because it optimises my energy level and helps me to push my limits during my workout,” says Deshpande. 

He is a strong believer in eating clean and training hard. “The only way you can actually help your body is by avoiding junk food and aerated drinks. Removing these harmful eating habits from your lifestyle will surely help your body in the long run,” he adds.  

Deshpande applies a similar approach when it comes to the intake of supplements. “The question to ask before taking up supplements is ‘do you really need it’? Taking supplements is not actually a bad thing if you have a specific goal. It is also not possible to get enough amount of nutrients from your daily food intake. But do it only in consultation with your expert,” he insists.

The model also has another piece of advice for people who are into fitness. “Please remember that your body needs a good amount of rest after a workout session,” he says and concludes.

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