A pop of colour

Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 11 July 2019

In the gloomy weather, look and feel bright with right lipsticks

Remember the famous lines by Bobbi Brown, the famous makeup artist and founder and ex-CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics? “If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip colour, it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup,” said Bobbie. Looks like this is the best advice that anyone can give and it is all the more useful in monsoon when you don’t wear makeup but still want to shine. 

When it is dark outside, the skies are overcast with clouds and there’s a sense of dullness in the air, a simple lipstick can brighten up both your face and mood. 

However, you need to be wary of the colour of lipstick you apply. In monsoon, your lipstick has to be bright and happy. Sanchita Sahay, makeup artist and blogger, says that your makeup tends to get messed up in this weather, hence sticking to a minimum makeup is a great idea. “Monsoon is one season when you can wear a striking shade of lipstick, irrespective of what time of the day it is, because you aren’t highlighting other features. There is a saying, ‘You cannot go wrong with the red.’ 
Hence red is the safest colour to wear in this weather. It goes well with most skin colours. However, you can choose the right shade of red according to your preference,” suggests Sahay.  

Ensure that your lipstick is water-proof and long lasting and doesn’t get smudged when you go out in the rain. “Always invest in a good brand; even if your lipstick is expensive, it will last you for years,” she asserts. 

One could also go for colours like burgundy, fuchsia, lavender, neon pink, orange and so on. Says Sahay, “Burgundy is a deep shade but it is far from being a dull one — it has its own magic! It brings drama and depth to your look and goes well with every kind of outfit. However, one shade that you shouldn’t skip applying in monsoon is orange. Bright and funky, it gives you a good break from the crowds of red.” 

She adds that pinks are a must-have this season and so are shades of purples. “From shocking pink to fuchsia and lavender, never undermine the power of these bold shades. They infuse a new life to your dull lips. But one shade that I would insist that you try out is living coral — the Pantone Shade of the year. It is refreshing, cool and extremely versatile. It makes you look young too!,” she says.

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