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Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 30 May 2019

While dishes like Kebab, Biryani, Haleem make for delectable Iftar treats, Patti Samosas hold a special place in our hearts. Here is more about the irresistible small bites

You can’t stop salivating when you think of an Iftar platter that offers a variety of dishes including Haleem, Phirni, Falooda, Fruit Salad, Kebabs etc. Iftar, the evening meal with which Muslims break their Ramzan fast, offers a fare that is irresistible. Although we love to relish everything that is made during Ramzan, Patti Samosas, a deep fried snack prepared with homemade pastry sheets or fillo dough sheets and stuffed with different ingredients, are unputdownable once you take the first bite. Smaller than your regular samosa, they have potato, peas or kheema filling. 

Quresh Master, CEO, Switz International, one of the leading manufacturers of the Patti Samosa and Spring Roll sheets in India which help home chefs prepare the delicious treats, says, “The humble samosa (or sambosa, as it is called in the country of its origin) is a Yemeni dish and a staple of the Iftar platter. This Yemeni tradition travelled through traders throughout the Arab world, Eastern Africa and Western India.

With globalisation, this tradition has spread to countries such as North America, Canada, the UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. And yes, Iftar is incomplete without the crispy samosa!” 

Patti Samosas are crispier, crunchier, and smaller than your regular samosas. Pune-based home chef Ameen Akhtar thinks that the major difference between a Patti Samosa and a regular samosa is the stuffing.

“Unlike regular samosa that has potato filling, a vegetarian Patti Samosa will have a humble filling consisting of cabbage and onion. However, during Ramzan, we mostly make chicken or mutton stuffed samosas. Another major difference is the folding —  Patti Samosa is made with thin strips of fillo dough unlike the regular Punjabi Samosa which has a thick casing. The smaller Patti Samosa is mostly light and less greasy. If you are calling over your friends for an Iftar treat and want to make these in a jiffy, make sure you store the readymade strips in your fridge,” says Akhtar. 

Where can you indulge 
Mahanaaz Restaurant

Nestled in the lanes of Camp area, and standing behind Budhani Wafers, this humble, yet iconic Irani eatery is like waking down memory lane for many who grew up in Pune. Although the cafe is famous for Irani Chai and Bun Maska, it’s their Patti Samosas that are quite a hit, especially during Ramzan. This quaint and old-fashioned place has samosa fans flocking it to relish flavourful and delicious  Chicken and Veg Samosas made in patti style served with a homemade sauce.    
Where: 681, Taboot Street, Behind Bhudani Waffers, Camp Area
Timings: 7am-9 pm 
Price: Rs 40 per plate

Akhtar’s Samosa
The eatery doesn’t need an introduction. The iconic samosa chain is known to every samosa lover. The delicious stuffing wrapped in thin pattis tastes great. From mutton and  chicken to vegetable stuffing, the samosas served here are medium sized, pocket-friendly and non-greasy. The non-veg samosa has a stuffing, which is a combination of minced meat, finely chopped onions, coriander, peas and chilli powder, and has the right amount of spices. You can also order online.  
Where: Shop 1, Yashashree Apartments, near Gaikwad Petrol Pump, Aundh; 328, Saifee Street, Camp; and Galaxy A5, A-1, A-2, Kausar Baugh, Kondhwa
Timings: 9 am-midnight 
Price:  Vegetable Samosa — Rs 25; Cheese Burst Corn Samosa — Rs 30; Chicken Samosa ­— Rs 35; Mutton and Prawn Samosa — Rs 50 each 

Samosa vendor  
The vendor selling Patti Samosas doesn’t own a shop. He sells from a carton box and has several takers. The stuffing, comprising finely chopped cabbage and onion, and the crispy, crunchy dark brown wrap make these small treats heavenly.    
Where: Near Shivaji Nagar Railway Station/ Bus Stand
Price: Three samosas — Rs 10

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