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Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 11 April 2019

The Thai-Indian singer and artist, who was part of films like Race 3 and ABCD 2, believes that budding artists should be realistic and true to their talent

Rimi Nique has already started working on her international debut. The Thai-Indian singer refuses to speak about the track and says that she is pretty charged up about the track as the entire team is from America. However, it’s her latest single, Check Mate, for which she has collaborated with musician-actor-singer Amit Tandon, that Rimi is most excited about. The song has been produced by Bups Saggu. “I have written the English and Spanish part and sung the song in Hindi, English and Spanish. I was able to get the Latin flavour to the song. It was amazing collaborating with Amit. He is so chilled out. I have also shot for the video,” says Rimi, who in the past had written the lyrics of Nach Meri Jaan (ABCD 2). 

Last year she wrote the lyrics and even sang, Saasain huin dhuan dhuan (Race 3) and post that track, Rimi says her life has improved a lot. “When you get associated with such an amazing franchise and have such a cast behind you, people realise that you are here to stay. People are taking me more seriously now. I didn’t have to do a lot of convincing. I now get hired to write for several ads in English,” says Rimi, who has recently released the revised version of her single — On a High Zindagi. 

There is no dearth of talent in the music industry and creating a niche for oneself is quite challenging. Rimi says, “One has to understand that there is going to be a constant hustle and if you don’t have it in you, then you don’t belong here. Even if you have made it, you can’t just sit there and eat cupcakes. You have to be talking about it, especially if you have come from a music network. I have come from a different country and my whole family is into business. I have come here on my own merit and talent. The only thing I had to show was my talent,  not my contacts. It’s tough but there is this fire in me and I want to show my talent.” 

The singer, who was part of India’s Raw Star (2014), was born and brought up in Thailand. She says that the love that she has for Hindi and English music cannot be expressed anywhere else, but India. “I knew that this is the right place for me and ABCD 2 gave me that chance. The film gave me a space and platform to express myself and I have been able to do a lot of things,” Rimi says, adding, “The advice that I give to young musicians from my community is to be realistic and true to their talent. Don’t focus on making contacts, focus on your talent. For many, it’s the other way round though.”

The singer admits that if she was hell bent on doing just Bollywood music, she would have got it all wrong. “I have to work in both independent and Bollywood music genres. There is no denying that independent music helps me grow. In India, I am known as a singer but I also love writing and making melodies. I should be able to use all my creative talents, and singles allow me to do that. I have written in Spanish and Punjabi,” she says, adding, “Bollywood is mostly about luck. I could have just stayed as a singer. But I am blessed to have Sachin-Jigar believe in my talent and give me an opportunity to write.”
She quips that working in Bollywood was never a childhood dream; her dream was to become a pop star where she could dance, make music and perform on stage. “I have been performing since childhood. Music was purely hobby and I didn’t know that I could make a career out of it because I did not study music,” adds Rimi. 

There are only a handful of female lyricists in the film industry. But Rimi points out that the scene is changing. “It’s about women believing that they can. There are amazing people who are coming into the market. India is open to full-fledged artists who can sing, write, compose and do music videos,” she says.

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