Personalised gifts are more valuable and make experience ‘unique’

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Whether you want to gift your loved one a mug, a photo album or a diary, e-commerce platform Vistaprint India makes it all so special and unique.

Don’t we all love receiving gifts? Attractive wrapping paper, a cute bow and, of course, a thoughtful gift sitting underneath all the pretty packaging. While all of this brings immense joy, the process of finding the right gift for your loved one is a tough one. What to buy? Would they like it? What if they already have it? And a few other questions keep popping into the mind.  

However, when it comes to gifting, the best tip is to personalise it. It will certainly make it different and unique from other gifts that the person will receive.

Bharath Sastry, CEO, Vistaprint India, an e-commerce platform for custom printing services for individuals and small business owners, says that personalisation in the gifting industry is obtaining a new identity.

According to the latest research by Qwikcilver, the personalised gifting industry in India has witnessed massive growth over the past decade due to rising income levels and aspirations. By 2024, it’s likely to grow from $65 million to $84 billion.  

The CEO explains that the gifting market is segmented into two parts, which includes corporate gifting and personal gifting, with the former making up a majority share equalling 80 per cent of the entire market.

Vistaprint India has a wide selection of products which can be personalised. They provide easy to design templates for customers to go online and choose products and make designs of their choice. Also, they assist customers with their designs, delivery and other queries about their orders.

Talking about the trends when it comes to personalised gifts, Sastry says that personalised gifts are valid for a variety of occasions, ranging from gifting a loved one and appreciating one’s employees, to surprise one’s customers and preserving one’s memories.

“Personalisation is normally understood as something relevant for an individual, but there is a large opportunity for group personalisation. These groups can be myriad, like a group of college friends, a group of employees etc.,” he says.

He explains that the top driving factors that make personalised gifts popular are the ability to personalise even a single unit like a pen or a mug or a photo album. Like in any other business, the usage of online sites for ordering personalised gifts has grown manifold and yet the price ranges from being affordable to super-premium.

Sastry says that the printing process is rather simple. “Once the customer places an order online, it is sent to our manufacturing plant for production. The orders are then scheduled for production using our proprietary software which ensures optimum utilisation of the available machines. Once the order is produced, it is delivered to the customer via our courier partners,” he says, which makes the entire process hassle-free and you get the perfect gift.

With technology playing an important role, it is possible to get almost anything you want to be printed. “Individual buyers can get personalised gifting products like mugs, photo albums, canvas prints, calendars, pens, diaries etc.,” he says, adding that India is now becoming a huge market for 3D printing as well which is not limited to industrial purposes only. It is also a driving force in the gifting industry with more people ready to explore it.

Vistaprint India is an e-commerce website where all the purchases happen online. To order a gift, customers can go through simple and easy steps:

1) Choose the product.
2) Upload your own design or choose from a galaxy of pre-designed templates which can be customised.
3) Check the image of your final design and the place the order.

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