Patralekha makes her digital debut

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 9 May 2019

The actress talks about Badnaam Gali, a digital film releasing today and how OTT platforms are working in favour of everyone involved in filmmaking

Patralekha enjoys working in situational comedies and that’s the reason why after being part of Nanu Ki Jaanu, her digital film Badnaam Gali is of the same genre. During the promotion of the film, which also stars Divyenndu Sharma, the actress said, “I have done so many intense roles that people started considering me to be a serious person. But that’s the kind of work that was offered to me. I know that the audience likes to watch comic and family films and I would be more than happy if I get an opportunity to do one.” 

She adds that comedy for her is situational and not slapstick. “Badnaam Gali is funny and situational. The situation is comic for those watching it and not those acting in it,” she says.

The film releasing today on ZEE5, is a take on the subject of surrogacy. “The film is about a strong-headed, fearless girl who is a surrogate mother. Society pins her down for being one. The film talks about how society judges a surrogate mother and also about her blooming friendship with this guy played by Divyenndu,” she says.

The actress says that she liked the subject of the film because it’s an important issue. “Though it was not the only reason I signed the film. It also talks about patriarchy and other subjects. Subjects like these can get very dark and gritty but the director has presented it in a funny manner, which is amazing,” says the CityLight actress.

A subject like surrogacy would have otherwise found it difficult to get a theatrical release but thanks to the digital platform, the film will find its audience and viewers will find an out-of-the-box project to watch. “I think people are making what they always wanted to make because making a theatrical film involves several factors like audience acceptance, budget etc. OTT platforms have made things a little easier for them,” she says, adding, “Right now, there is a boom and there is a lot of content that is being churned out. It’s good for actors, directors, producers, technicians because ultimately, it’s work.”

Patralekha will soon made her debut in Kannada film industry with a film titled Where is My Kannadaka. “I haven’t started shooting for the film,” says the actress who has shot for an anthology with director Pradeep Sarkar. “It’s a digital film too. Dada is amazing and the film I hope will release soon.”

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