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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Chal Rang De group took an initiative to dust away stereotypes with paintbrushes and turned a huge slum from Mumbai into an art gallery by painting it

Chal Rang De, a movement that successfully brought colours into the lives of slum-dwellers of the Asalpha village in Mumbai is back at it, and this time they have stories to tell.

In its first episode, Chal Rang De, in collaboration with Mumbai Metro and Snowcem Paints began their initiative to alter the perspective that the world has of urban slums, by painting 120 walls of Asalpha village with different colours in just five days. They received an overwhelming response for the event that left the residents and spectators amazed, inspired and with a fresh new outlook of the community.

Now the group has taken things one step ahead by bringing on board professional artists who converted these painted walls into their very own canvases. Fifteen artists joined them, and using their individual skills, turned the walls of the slum into portrayals of the people, their lives, the city we all call home and revamped Asalpha village into an outdoor art gallery that celebrates the bright future of Mumbai and its residents.

Says Dedeepya Reddy, founder, Chal Rang De, “Chal Rang De started out as our way to change the people’s perception of the city slums while also spreading happiness through art and colour. Mumbai, as a whole, has so many tales to tell in so many different ways, that we just wanted to provide a platform for the local talent to tell theirs, while also giving the community the attention and identity, it so rightfully deserved. We began with a handful of people, whose passion and dedication towards the cause inspired many more amazing people to give us their time and skills. Chal Rang De was made a reality thanks to the collective effort of everybody involved, and we hope to spread the joy of colours and art as far as we can reach.”

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