No compromise on food and fitness

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 7 January 2018

Television actor Jay Soni says there are no weekends for workouts and one needs to sweat it out at the gym everyday

The long hours of shooting for a television series usually leaves very less time for actors to concentrate on their fitness and health. Yet, more and more TV actors are becoming fitter. Jay Soni, known for his shows like Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Sasural Genda Phool, Sanskaar, Bhaag Bakool Bhaag, says that over the years, he has become quite conscious about fitness.

“For me it’s all about being fit. And the industry that we are in, we need to be fit. If I am fit, I will be able to play any kind of role,” he says. Jay says that he doesn’t compromise on his lifestyle, but is conscious about what he eats and in what portion. “I always eat in moderate quantity. We usually commit the mistake of over eating, which is a complete no-no. I have moved on to healthier options over the years, when it comes to my eating habits.”

The actor says that eating habits and physical training have to go hand in hand to achieve fitness levels. “I also work out at the gym regularly. I wake up early in the morning by 5.30-6.30 am and hit the gym. I try not to compromise on my health regime,” he adds.

But Jay wasn’t always conscious about his fitness. “I used to be fat before and had a weakness for sweets. Now, I have become very conscious. I made up my mind, that I will not compromise on food and fitness. I have stuck to it. My school friends don’t recognise me now,” he adds.  

Jay carries his food basket to shoot which comprises his breakfast, lunch and snacks. “It’s difficult to maintain such kind of lifestyle but I have to put in extra efforts,” he concludes.

His regime
My daily diet: Avoid too much carb. I consume food that has protein and mix of fiber.
The body part I love training for: Back.
The body part I hate training for: Leg.
My best body part: Biceps.
I was inspired to workout by: Some five-six years ago, I used to work out on and off. But lately, I have been working out regularly. When I saw myself in the mirror, it motivated me further to work out.
The actor with best body in Bollywood: Ranveer Singh.
Fitness mistakes people make: People want a perfect body in three months; but they do not realise that to get that body, you have to go the natural way. That’s what will help you in the long run.
I have cravings for: As a Gujarati, I am addicted to desserts.  
On a cheat day:  I love aloo ki subji, fried aloo. 
My fitness mantra: You have to sleep for seven hours daily. If your body is fresh, you get the energy to work. Also, there are no weekends for workout. You have to sweat it out everyday. 

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