New-age gifts for Jesus

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas being Jesus Christ’s birthday, it certainly calls for showering him with gifts of your choice. We ask people to share what they would like to gift the beloved lord

Exchanging presents and expecting Santa to bring your desired gifts has been an integral part of Christmas celebrations. While we associate Santa with gifts, we forget that it is Jesus Christ’s birthday and it makes sense to give him some gifts too. The three wise men gifted baby Jesus three noble gifts — gold, frankincense and myrrh (gold is associated with kings and Christians believe that Jesus is the King of Kings, frankincense is used in churches and myrrh is a perfume that is applied on dead bodies to make them smell nice). It’s now our turn to think of some modern-day gifts for him.

“In this age of technology, we all need it. Hence, I’d get him an android phone, so that he can preach through the power of social media. He’d have followers along with haters, but it would be of massive help. However, one advice that I would like to give him while handling social media is, that he needs to be super original and creative, and slay his haters by showing them more love. And just in case he needs help, I can freelance for him.”
~ Joanita Toppo,  social media executive and content writer, Delhi

“I would gift him a smart phone with the latest technology and a VIP number so that he can stay connected to all his followers and people can directly call him. Also suggest him to create a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group/page and add everyone so that he can stay connected with everyone in this modern day and discuss life, guide people, solve problems and spread peace and happiness. He could give us real time teachings over the phone.”
— Rohen Anttony, DJ, Pune

“I guess, the perfect gift that we can give baby Jesus is a fidget spinner. It is fun. In this age of stress and chaos, baby Jesus will need to get rid of all the fuss and detoxify himself and what better way than playing with the fidget spinner. There is so much negativity, catastrophe, and hatred in the world. Jesus being a baby would have to deal with all such issues and seek a solution for humanity at large. There would be times when he is likely to be bogged down and that’s when he can use the fidget spinner. It will not only help him calm down and stay positive but also increase his productivity and
efficiency to solve the problems of this world.
~ Jennifer Johns, student, Kolkata

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