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Amrita Prasad
Monday, 22 January 2018

Twenty-three-year-old Shubhika Jain talks about her entrepreneurial journey and how she and her mother take inspiration from ancient beauty secrets and create natural and plant-based beauty products

Twenty-three-year-old Shubhika Jain talks about her entrepreneurial journey and how she and her mother take inspiration from ancient beauty secrets and create natural and plant-based beauty products

If you were to get your hands on age-old beauty secrets, you would consider yourself lucky. Shubhika Jain, 23, learnt about ancient beauty rituals from her mother that had been passed down through generations and decided to share the secrets with others through her RAS Luxury Oils, a beauty and wellness brand.

The Raipur-based (Chhattisgarh) youngster, who completed Economics Honours from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, says, “The word ras (pronounced ruh-us) encapsulates many meanings in the ancient Sanskrit language, the most prominent being essence and happiness. At Ras, we fuse ancient ayurveda with modern science to give effective and therapeutic skincare and wellness products using only natural, plant-based, and ‘cruelty-synthetic- chemical-preservatives’ free ingredients.”

Here’s chatting her up:
What made you go back to the roots and create products that have deep-rooted inspiration from traditions, ayurveda and homemade beauty secrets?

I have always been surrounded by business men and women with strong ideals and foundations, and have always wanted to run my own business which would have a strong social impact. I believe doing good business and doing good in the world are complementary and not mutually exclusive. As a child, I was introduced to beauty rituals by my mother that have been passed down through generations. With a passion for plants and gardening, my mother and co-founder of Ras, Sangeeta, and I created our beauty concoctions with handpicked flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients.  

Do you think youngsters appreciate traditional beauty secrets?  
Just how what you eat affects you, similarly, what you apply on your body is absorbed and slowly starts accumulating in tissues and fatty deposits. Even small chemical deposits cause major mutations and many of the new diseases have a lot to do with our lifestyle choices. With the global natural and organic movement, people are getting more aware of the ingredients that go into the products they use and want to eat better food, wear better clothes, apply better products on their bodies.

How do you balance the marketing aspect of the brand and product quality?
Our focus is to maintain top international quality standards for our products as we wish to give a pure, luxurious ayurveda-aromatherapy experience. Contrary to popular belief, ayurveda does not mean smelly products. We make products which appeal to most of the five senses without compromising on the therapeutic qualities and potency. Our products are available at selective hotels and malls, online portals like Nykaa and Amazon and on our own e-commerce website   

We are dedicated to creating products with exceptionally high-quality ingredients manufactured by us right from the farm to the finished product. We respect the farmers who grow the raw materials for us and have an ethical sourcing policy wherein we give them guaranteed buy back of their produce at a good price. We also give 10 per cent of our profits to animal welfare and NGOS working for empowering the girl child.

What makes your product different from the rest?  
Ours is a completely vertically integrated process. The cultivation, oil extraction, formulation, bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, etc — it’s all in-house. It’s our endeavour to give our customers the best quality products, which means doing it all by ourselves.

What is your message to youngsters who want to use ancient secrets to turn into a business?
It is very empowering to be able to actually create something which has a positive impact on people’s lives. Ancient secrets need to be first understood and researched completely before turning them into a business. These days with Google being our answer to every problem getting the right information becomes difficult. I’d advice youngsters to read ancient texts and talk to industry experts to gain knowledge about the specific field before starting business. In businesses such as these, the ingredients and the authenticity play a major role in ascertaining the quality of the products.

Also, I would advise them to start early as it gives you a lot of advantages because failures are not as expensive in your 20s as it is in your 30s or 40s.


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