Nandish Sandhu is all geared up!

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 11 July 2019

The TV actor, who is making his Bollywood debut with Super 30 followed by Family of Thakurganj, says that he wants to focus on films currently

In Dabangg 2, Nandish Sandhu had a cameo in the song Dagabaaz Re. Six years later, the TV actor is set to make his Bollywood debut with Vikas Bahl’s Super 30, which is releasing today. Interestingly, his second film Family of Thakurganj is releasing next Friday. Nandish says that the back-to-back release of his films is a pure coincidence. “No amount of planning would have worked; it’s pure luck that both the films are releasing in a span of a week. I had thought that there would be a gap of good four-five months because they were shot in different time spans but Super 30 got postponed,” says the actor. 

In Super 30, Nandish plays Anand Kumar’s (played by Hrithik) younger brother Pranav. “Pranav is the one who takes care of the Super 30 programme, while Anand focuses on teaching students. The brothers have been working together since the beginning,” he says while promoting the film. 

He is equally excited about Family of Thakurganj, which is directed by Manoj K Jha. The film, he says, is a family drama, which also has got elements of a thriller. “It’s about a family based in Uttar Pradesh. They have got their flaws, differences of opinions and mindsets. Jimmy Sheirgill and I play brothers, who see life differently but whenever there are external factors affecting us, we stand united.”  

Getting to work with actors like Jimmy, Hrithik, Saurabh Shukla, Mahie Gill and a director like Vikas Bahl in his first two films, will be considered lucky by many. How much did it enhance his acting? Nandish replies, “I think working with talented and experienced people is the best way to learn new things. You can’t learn in theory what you learn from observing the way the experienced utilise their time, channelise their energies. I am completely fortunate to spend so much of time with them. I had the best opportunity,” says the TV actor who is known for fiction series like Kasturi, Khwaish, Uttaran, Raaz Pichhle Janam Ki and others. 

Due to their popularity, many TV actors get offered films and end up playing the lead in small films, which do not get a wide release. But he is playing substantial roles in films, which are being backed well too. Was it a planned move? “It just fell into place because I did not want to do certain things, that I felt wasn’t right for me. There were certain roles that came my way and I didn’t want to do them. And, there were a few beautiful characters that I wanted to play but that didn’t work out,” Nandish says, adding, “Had I done those roles, I wouldn’t have been part of these films or Super 30 wouldn’t have been my debut. Things are planned by the universe for our own good.”
The actor adds that he is not tempted to play the lead character and his focus is on playing roles that add to his personality. “Rather than going with the feeling, ‘it’s been long and I only want to play the hero’, I feel that even if it’s a small budgeted film but your role is substantial and the story is good, you should go with it,” he says. 

TV actors are often stereotyped in films due to the kind of characters they have played on television and their fan-following. But Nandish says that the mindset has changed over the past few years. “It’s mainly because of the digital platform. Good content is being made and story is always the selling point. It doesn’t matter who is playing the role as far as you keep the story meaty and real,” says the actor who wants to enjoy working in films a little longer before going back to television to do fiction shows. “I have not done a fiction since 2014 and I want to continue doing films,” he says before signing off. 

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