'My truth is going to be out there' 

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 24 September 2019

While promoting his upcoming film — War, Hrithik Roshan gets talking about costar Tiger Shroff, performing action scenes and how he believes in the magic of the universe

Hrithik Roshan is quite different from the characters he plays on screen. The Greek God of Bollywood is philosophical and composed as a person. 

The actor is promoting his next film — War, which also stars Tiger Shroff and Vaani Kapoor. The film directed by Siddharth Anand, is releasing on October 2.     

Talking about his character, Hrithik says, “The way Sid and I have filled the character with different shades and courageously kept it a little mysterious and not turned it into a regular action hero, makes it very interesting. There are different layers to the character, he is unpredictable and till the end, you will not be able to judge him.”

Siddharth and Hrithik have worked together in Bang Bang! earlier. He says there is definitely a level of comfort and trust while working with Siddharth or anyone with whom he has collaborated in the past. “I have lot of faith in Sid and the way he presents his heroes. He has an incredible sense of screenplay, music and filmmaking. He has the same values as mine, so our aesthetics match, which is sometimes important. We can easily tell each other if something isn’t right,” he says. 

His love for the action genre
Just two months ago, Hrithik played the inspirational character of educationist Anand Kumar in Super 30. With War, he is back to the action genre, which he says he enjoys doing. “I love doing action entertainers but haven’t had the chance to do too many of them in my life. I have done Dhoom 2, Bang Bang! and now War. I am really interested in this genre,” he says. 

South Korean action director SeaYoung Oh, who is one of the action choreographers of the film, shared that the actor had risked his safety for a jaw-dropping action scene. But Hrithik maintains that he hasn’t taken any risks while doing the action scenes. “It was just very very hard but technology and the incredibly talented action directors and technicians made me feel very safe. Filmmaking has evolved and we do not need to take risks any more,” he says. He however adds that it was very challenging. “There were many difficult decisions that needed to be taken on the set, so there was a lot of well-intended ‘pushing’,” he says (smiles). 

In the past, the actor had sustained injuries and had also undergone surgery while performing action scenes. Has he become more careful while pulling off stunts? The actor replies, “It’s of dire importance to keep yourself safe. It would be very unintelligent to do something that would risk the entire production. I have done that in the past and learnt my lessons. Today, I would not do something where all the loopholes and blind spots are not covered. If I feel one per cent of doubt, I will not do it and I will not recommend anybody else to do it either. It’s the responsibility of the action director to keep you safe.” 

Only Tiger could match him on screen    
In the trailer, we can see Hrithik and Tiger Shroff doing high-octane action scenes and matching steps on the dance floor too. While signing the film, Hrithik had made it clear that he only wanted Tiger to star opposite him. He says that’s because he could not imagine anybody else play the role. “Without him, the film would not have worked. The kind of discipline and foundation he has built, is rare. Also, I thought having him would drive me to be at my best and I needed that.” 

He adds that after working in films like Kaabil and Super 30, he wasn’t physically ready for action sequences. “My body was unconditioned. It had happened to me in the past too when I had to go through a transformation. But this time, it was even harder. It could be because I am older now and I was enjoying eating all kinds of foods. I had got used to that and therefore needed that challenge,” he explains. 

Two hero films a rare phenomenon 
Till a decade back, two hero action films was quite a popular concept in Bollywood. But lately, we do not get to see multi-starrers or two-hero action films. Is it because producers don’t want to take the risk or do actors feel insecure to share screen? Hrithik says it’s a bit of both. “First of all, you need a strong script that justifies both the heroes. Then, you need a director who has a personal equation with both the actors and then, you need actors who are not in the film for personal gratification but to make good cinema,” he says. 

He adds that during the making of War, he has gone to great lengths to ensure that Tiger is given as much or more space than him, whenever required by the script. “You need very self-secure and composed actors for two hero films. I do not mind because I have done such kind of films all my life, whether it was Fizaa, where I played brother to the heroine or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, which was a three-hero film,” he says. 

He further adds, “I am in love with cinema and I want to talk about this because I want to inspire other actors as well. Acting and cinema is all about giving. The more you give, the more you get.”

He says that it’s lot more fun working in such films and the audience enjoys it too. “I am all for it,” he says. 

Being the best 
After being in the industry for almost two decades and working in different films, what is the factor that drives him? Says he, “The  one thought that I hold in my head — ‘You have no other choice in this life but to try and be at your best’. The other option is scarier — of wasting away in the trade. I would rather choose to go through my battles, pains and struggles. Life has to be lived to its fullest and there is no joy in being too comfortable.”       

Believing in the truth 
Hrithik has been through various ups and downs. What has helped him sail through the challenges? The award-winning actor says, “I am a bit of naïve believer in the magic of the universe. I believe that there is more to life than what we see through our eyes. I firmly believe that whatever I am, whatever my experiences have been or whatever I have done in life, everything is going to get reflected in the world around me, whether I like it or not. My truth is going to be out there. If you want to change that, you have to change your actions. You have to become a better, stronger and courageous person and that will manifest. You will have no more fear then and will be in control too.” 

Is that the reason why he maintains a dignified silence when things are being said about him? “Exactly. When you know what you or your truth is eventually going to manifest, then you do not need to shout from the rooftop. Trying to prove somebody else wrong is just another version of a story and no one is interested in hearing such stories,” he says before signing off.

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