Motherhood has changed me for better: Ayesha Takia

Debarati Palit
Friday, 23 June 2017

Ayesha Takia who is promoting her comeback music video Zindagi Tujhse Kya Karen Shikvey, talks about it, motherhood and body shaming

Ayesha Takia made news a couple of months ago when she was trolled on social media for her pictures suggesting she had gone for a nose job and botox treatment. The actress is, however, now back in the limelight for professional reasons. Promoting her music video — Zindagi Tujhse Kya Karen Shikvey, part of an album titled Zindagi Yeh Zindagi, Ayesha, says, “It’s such a cool video. It’s almost trend setting because it’s not a run-of-the-mill kind of content. The video is kind of telling an entire story. We also had a poster and teaser launch and it was treated like a film.” She adds that the song, crooned by Amit Mishra, composed by Raaj Aashoo and written by Murli Agrawal, gives out a social message through the video. “The concept is great and I had a lovely time working on the project.”

The video highlights the issue of human trafficking. It shows Ayesha searching for her younger sister who goes missing. “It sounds like an unreal and traumatising situation to me. As a mother, I can’t imagine people going through such incidents,” she says, adding, “So many women and children are thrown into this, it’s so sad. As a celebrity, we have a voice which is heard. So I thought, why not push a message!”

While Ayesha is regularly spotted at social events, she has stayed away from films since 2013. So how did she feel facing the cameras again? “It was such a pleasure hearing those two terms — action and cut. I enjoyed every moment of being on the sets. When you are an actor and you face the camera, it never feels like you had taken a break (smiles),” she answers. Did she miss being on the sets? “As an actor, I love my work and I am passionate about it. But I equally loved the wonderful moments I had raising my son and then I had my business to take care of, so I didn’t have much time to think about acting,” she says. “It’s a tough job being a mother to a three-and-half-year-old son. But now he is grown up and he travels places with me,” she adds.

Ayesha is also making her Bollywood come-back with Borivali Ki Bruce Lee and says that 70 per cent of the film is done. “It’s a wonderful comedy film and I play the role of a mother in the film, something I haven’t played before. My equation with my son has helped me in my performance,” says the actress who made her Bollywood debut in 2004 with Taarzan: The Wonder Car.

Has motherhood changed her as an actor? “More than actor, I have changed as a person for better. I have become more patient, selfless, humble, and learnt unconditional love. My perspective about life has broadened which has helped in getting out the real actor in me,” says the actress who is currently reading the scripts coming her way. “I will only sign a film if I find it substantial and something to be proud of. If I am giving my energy and time to a project, it has to be worth it,” she says.

The actress loves juggling the different roles she plays in life (being a mother, wife, entrepreneur and actor). “I think we women are experts in juggling between million things. Because of social media, our work is increasing but its manageable,” she adds.

Speaking of trolling, Ayesha says that social media allows people to judge. “They don’t realise that they are talking rubbish about people instead of using the platform well. Speaking of my trolling, it was ridiculous. In fact, my family and I had a good laugh over it.”

She adds that it’s not just celebrities but even normal people get trolled daily. “My sister gets piercings regularly and uploads her pictures. She too gets trolled. It’s sad that it’s happening to the younger people who are going through a crucial phase in their life but keep getting judged regularly,” says the actress.

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