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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Mahesh M, CEO, Ishanya Mall provides tips on How to take care of home and furniture during monsoons

As monsoon arrives, it is advisable to maintain not only your home, but also the furniture and furnishings. 

GOLDEN RULE: Start with the entrance into the home, ensure you have two stages of footmats to ensure your footwear enters your home free of moisture. This is usually the root cause of moisture attacking your shoeracks which can then move to the rest of your living room.

CARPETS: Carpets hold a lot of deep dust and moisture and prove to be a breeding place for bacteria. It is best to get the carpet ‘deep cleaned’ before monsoon so that it gets clean as well as doesn’t remain moist. Hire a professional agency for the same.

FURNITURE: ‘Bring your furniture closer’. By this, we mean, take them a little away from walls during this season. There should be a distance of minimum 6 inches to a foot between the furniture and the wall. Also it is best advised to keep the furniture clean and dry. Use dry cloth to dust your furniture. The sofa and the upholstery should be cleaned thoroughly before monsoon. Enough time should be given to dry. 

PAINTING: Along with the exterior walls, it is very important to check the interior walls. Painting and treatment of walls is important before the monsoon. One needs to check the ceiling, leakages, paint equally. Waterproofing will help avoid leakages and the subsequent damage to the surfaces.

WINDOWS AND DOORS: Equally important is the maintenance and smooth functioning of the windows and doors of your home. Door or window frames tend to develop a resistance during the monsoon, so well before the monsoon, do a minor dosing of oil at joints if they are conventional doors/frames. It is  usually not required for PVC/UPVC frames. 

PROPER VENTILATION: Your house needs to be properly ventilated during this season so that fresh air and sunlight enter it and prevent it from humidity and dampness.

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