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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 27 May 2018

Indian food is globally popular and Somey’s Kitchen brings that authentic, indigenous taste to your table with their pickled masalas and breads

If you enjoy homemade pickles and gluten-free, organic Chapatis and Pooris, try Somey’s Kitchen. It was started with an aim to further popularise Indian food across the globe. “Started in the UK, a country where Indian cuisine is very well accepted, it brings something new, unique and great tasting to spice up your meal,” says Sandy Samuel-Jerome, CEO, Somey’s Kitchen. She says that it is a brand that brings traditional homemade pickled masalas to a global market. 

Sandy’s mother, Somey, after whom the company has been named, has been an exceptional cook since the age of nine. “In her honour, we decided to name the company, Somey’s Kitchen,” says Joel Jerome, Sandy’s husband and founder and chairman of the family-based company.  

Talking about the idea and concept behind setting up Somey’s Kitchen, Sandy says, “Back in the UK, Chicken Tikka Masala is almost like the national dish, which purely means that Indian cuisine abroad is well accepted.” However, there is a gap between what is supplied in the market and what is made at home. Which is why Sandy and Joel thought of offering something that is authentic and traditional like meat and seafood pickled masalas based on recipes by Somey. Their products include Chicken Pickled Masala, Prawn Pickled Masala, and traditional, organic and gluten-free Chapatis and Pooris. 

The gluten-free range is semi cooked, tasty and affordable. Sandy says that they are made from natural ingredients and have no preservatives, so the Indian breads have a healthy twist. The chicken and prawn pickled masalas are ready to eat and contain healthy and probiotic spices making a versatile side dish that can be consumed with rice and curry, fried rice, bread or potato and other accompaniments. “The spices are preserved naturally to maintain the authenticity,” she adds. 

Talking about the process which goes behind making these products, Sandy says, “Pickled masala is a unique dish that originated from Kerala, but is tailored to suit anyone’s taste.” 

Unlike a traditional prawn pickle available in the market, the one that they have can be consumed as a side dish. Sandy further explains that they have taken a home recipe to an industry standard without compromising on the taste and quality.

“The Indian Breads (Chapati and Pooris) are unique as we offer the ready-to-eat organic and gluten-free range,” she says adding that they follow a very high-end technology for their product packaging which gives it a long 90-day shelf life without any preservatives.

Talking about the challenges, Joel says that their main aim is to make humble homemade products to suit the industry and market standards. “It’s a constant battle and requires a lot of research and development, process alterations and machineries being customised to our requirements which constantly keeps us on the move,” he says adding that they are constantly working on catering to varied tastes and preferences. 

That said, their gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, zero preservatives and allergen-free products cater to a wide section of consumers in today’s world.“As these are a few areas that have seen a growing consumer demand, having a product range that is versatile enough across such mentioned categories addresses those gaps effectively,” he points out.  

The pickled masalas start from Rs 240 per unit, the gluten-free, organic Indian bread range starts from Rs 125 per unit and are available in general trade stores in Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai and other bigger stores like Star Bazaar, Big Bazaar (Gen X stores), Big Basket and Godrej Nature’s Basket. 

They will also be launching their products on Amazon India from June 1. 

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