A mini surprise

Amrita Prasad
Monday, 8 October 2018

JBL GO 2, the ultra compact speaker, is a great  pocket size, water resistant device.

If you are a believer of the phrase ‘Good things come in small packages,’ JBL GO 2 will restore your faith in the saying. This ultra-compact speaker, approximately the size of a soap bar, is a full-featured waterproof Bluetooth speaker which you can take with you anywhere. 

Created by Harman,  JBL GO2, is a second generation device succeeding JBL GO, which has been crafted in a compact design in 12 vibrant colours. Launched in the month of July when it rains heavily,  JBL GO2 can be your perfect companion for pool parties, a walk or jog in the rain and even for water babies who like to make a splash in the swimming pool. Although it isn’t raining now, using a waterproof product is prudent because the clouds could be lurking anytime, anywhere!  

If you have been living with the notion that bigger the size of a speaker, better the sound quality, JBL GO2 will compel you to change your mind. The mini device has wireless Bluetooth stream music and can function perfectly well up to five hours non-stop offering good quality sound. 

Its IPX7  (IPX refer to the levels of water resistance in a device) waterproof design gives music lovers the freedom to enjoy music and party without worrying about the damage caused by water. What appealed to us the most was its crystal clear phone call experience with built-in noise-cancelling speaker phone. 

The device that we got was bright blue in colour and weighed 184 gm. The brand claimed that the device is completely water resistant and can perform efficiently while submerged in 1m of water up to 30 minutes. To prove the claim, we took the device to a swimming pool. To our surprise, the music kept playing without interruption under water. 

Coming back to the design, unlike its predecessor, JBL GO2 has curvy edges and a much smoother finish. The front has a metal mesh that houses the driver, and has a single LED band in the centre just above the branding. While the LED is bright enough to be seen indoors, it isn’t visible clearly when you are outdoors. The LED glows white when the speaker is powered on and blinks when it is ready to pair. 

Long-press either of the volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume. However,  the buttons do not let you skip or play the previous song. But if you do want to skip a song, you can double-tap the play button. 
The control panel is located on the top with five buttons — power, Bluetooth pairing, volume, and play/ pause. You can pair your device with your smartphone, tablet, smart TV and laptops using Bluetooth and USB cable. 

Although the sound is powerful and is strong enough to fill a room, it is best for only a few genres that focus on vocals. When it comes to instruments, it is slightly disappointing. We paired our iPhone with the device and completely loved the sound. Play it anywhere — the balcony, the living room or the bedroom, rest assured, you will find the quality of sound impressive.   

Price (MRP): Rs 2,999
Pros: n IPX7 water resistance
- Good mid-range
- Speaker phone capability
Cons: Lacks bass range

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