Meet the number queen

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Sarita Rathi, an Abacus teacher, recently won the Winners of Worthiness award. She talks about her efforts to take Maths to more and more people

While many of us fear Maths and anything related to it, there are people who absolutely love it, and a few of them have even made career in teaching it. Numbers give them joy, especially when they can use their skill to help others.

Sarita Rathi, who recently won the Winners of Worthiness (WOW) award presented by lifestyle magazine Bliss Equity, is one such person. Rathi was conferred upon the ‘Educating India’ award by Shobhaa Arya, owner and founder of WOW. It was a recognition of Rathi’s dedicated service in using her exemplary skills of Abacus and providing educational services to students and teachers of Maharashtra. 

When asked how did the journey begin, Rathi recalls, “I have always been fond of Maths. It is a subject one needs to be strong in, especially when one is in school. With this thought, I started sending my son for Abacus classes. Since I too had good knowledge about the subject, I used to take his revision at home which polished his skills at Abacus further. The turning point was when his teachers pushed me to start training as a teacher. I accepted the offer and since then there was no looking back for me.” 

Rathi completed all levels of Abacus training and started teaching students and training teachers in the year 2006. She has also headed various national level competitions pan India. “I was a homemaker all my life so when I started working, I felt empowered,” she says, adding that she never felt that she was neglecting her duties as a homemaker when she took up the job. 

Rathi has trained more than 500 trainees till date. She believes that if she is able to train the teachers well, automatically she is ensuring that the good training reaches students, who make the most of it. “A teacher is responsible for the future of the children and in turn, the country. Therefore, I have to do full justice to my teaching,” she says.

The trainer absolutely loves what she is doing now. “By training women belonging to various economic backgrounds to be teachers, somewhere I am sure I am giving them a push so that they too feel a bit more empowered. I am sure this brings about a positive change in their lives and helps support their families financially, in whatever little way possible,” she says.

Rathi opines that Abacus is more than just learning easy and interesting ways to solve mathematical problems. “It helps in sharpening concentration and confidence along with increased endurance for stress. It also teaches logical reasoning which has become so important these days for any person,” she says.

In the process of teaching, Rathi came across many stories and decided to become socially active. She now takes up any opportunity possible to give back to society. Talking about her future plans, Rathi points out that she soon aspires to teach slum children the science of Abacus and encourage them to study and bring out the best in them.

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