Managing time smartly

Nishant Rai
Monday, 12 February 2018

Smarter Time, a time tracking app makes your life easier by keeping tabs on your day-to-day activities

Smarter Time is a time tracking app developed to help users to manage their time smartly and efficiently. This new time tracking app wants to make your life easier by keeping tabs on your day-to-day activities, so that you can spend some more time on the things you actually care about.  

Turning your smartphone into a powerful personal time assistant to keep you on track of your schedule, Smarter Time management tool utilises some of the smart technology, enabling it to learn and centralise all your activities, and ensures that you are on top of your appointments, tasks and calls.

Let’s take a simple example of how it works. Suppose if you walk along a certain route, and you tell the app you’re walking your dog, it will learn from this, and use the information to adapt according to your schedule. Smarter Time creates a very detailed log containing all your activities. It provides you with a crystal clear image of your time use. 

The other most important and best part of this app is that it can also look at your phone’s information, in order to track what you are doing or are habitual of. So, if you’re messing around with Instagram, or binging on Black Mirror on Netflix, it will know. Additionally, it can also track your call logs, so you can see how long you’re actually spending on meetings and conversations. This special functionality helps you determine the distractions that affect your productivity and prevents as well as determines factors that empower you to improve your output.

I have spent the past few months playing around with Smarter Time app and it is an amazing new concept. But its biggest weakness is that it relies on user discipline or actions in order to work. Beginners need to (for a couple of times) spoon-feed Smarter Time with their daily routine.

One of Smarter Time’s strongest features is its design. Data is stored on your phone but if you are ready to pay for the premium version, it’s uploaded to the cloud, where it sits in an encrypted form that’s entirely unreadable to Smarter Time. While they can do backups, they can’t do any analysis of the data.

In the premium version, you also get features like Detailed Computer usage, Room Detection, Custom Category, and activity classification, Data Save and Restore and Unlimited Assistant Usage.

The app has some very strong features which make it 4.4 stars (rated by 1667 users), considering the company could probably make lots of money by selling it. They’ve already signed up 100,000 users, who are using the app to build detailed records of their life, which are attached to a personal profile. Now you can imagine how valuable that would be to a marketer.

Rating: 4.4/5
Available on Android, Mac iOS & Window. iOS & Windows Phone OS can join Beta waitlist

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