Make your house a perfect workplace and relax destination

Anugraha Rao
Monday, 30 March 2020

Many working people must have realised by now that staying at home is not as comfortable and peaceful as it seems. But with smart choices, you can make your home a perfect place to relax and work from, without feeling trapped during the coronavirus lockdown.

Giving us an insight into the relation between decor and mood, Bhawana Bhatnagar, interior stylist and founder of Casa Exotique says that humans have an inbuilt sense for aesthetics.


“Something is rejuvenating about the beauty that is hard to put into words but can be felt nevertheless. Like when you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful sunset, it calms you down and fills you with a sense of tranquillity. The same goes for a house. If your home is an unsorted mess, you will inadvertently feel negative and languorous. On the other hand, a beautiful looking home, with properly assorted furniture, well-placed art pieces and a soothing lighting scheme will fill you with positivity and lift your mood,” Bhatnagar points out.


Since it is not possible to go out, you should bring the outside in, she suggests. “By placing plants inside the house, one can add a touch of natural charm to the surroundings. Secondly, clear the clutter. One of the important things to do if you’re going into quarantine is to make some space in your room. If your home is a cluttered mess, the chances are that you will feel claustrophobic. So, clear the unwanted stuff, pick everything that you don’t need and stow it away. This extra space can also serve as a gathering place for family members to play games and do interesting activities together during the lockdown now and even later,” she points out, adding, “A spacious, clean place is always relaxing and calming.”



You obviously can’t paint your home now but make it bright by introducing colours at various corners. Bright colours can lighten the mood and fill you with positivity and creativity. Also, now that many of you are working from home, the working environment has to have a great vibe. If your home environment is too dull, it’ll make you want to sleep all the time.



Decor during this time has to be more functional than aesthetic since you’re working from home. Pick a corner in your house where there is ample lighting during the day, preferably a place that is naturally lit. Set up your office there. Find a comfortable chair and place it next to a table that is wide enough to support all your essentials.


Also, make it a point to have everything you will potentially need close by before you begin your work. Running to and fro may disrupt the workflow. Place some flowers on your desk to fill yourself with positivity.



It is also essential to keep yourself relaxed during these difficult times. Bhatnagar suggests some tips:

- Summer is already here, so, you need to create a calm, cool environment. Placing a floral headboard above your bed is a great idea.

- You can also hang a light canopy from the ceiling for a royal vibe in the bedroom.

- As many of you have stocked up on supplies fearing the shortage of essentials in the coming future, your kitchens may have piles of groceries. You could get panic attacks every time you see the piles. It’s important to properly sort the supplies and keep the kitchen looking clean.

One thing that families can do together is rearranging the furniture every once in a while. While being stuck in the same setting can be boring, rearranging adds a touch of newness to the interiors and prevents them from looking dull.

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