Make a splash this spring-summer

Amrita Prasad
Friday, 9 March 2018

Bold prints, over the top silhouettes, vibrant colours, washed out denims and sheers, the summer-spring fashion is all about experimenting with your looks. Experts tell women how to get your spring-summer fashion right

There’s something about the spring season — it spreads cheer, and allows you to sport the brightest colours. Summer which follows the spring season gives you enough scope to go beyond your regular style and explore more. “Being carefree and easy with your style is what defines the spring-summer fashion. You can play with cuts, colours, textures, prints and yet completely rock the over-the-top look. You can mix two prints together, play with a blend of pop colours and yet manage to strike a statement that is cool, chic and full of fun,” says designer Neha Sakhuja, who owns the label Kiara.

Sakhuja feels that women must opt for flowy silhouettes and neon shades to be ahead in the fashion game. “The fact that your spring outfits can be passed off as summer wear gives you enough opportunity to reinvent your style by mixing and matching your clothes and using them over and over again by teaming up in different ways,” suggests Sakhuja, adding that it is cool to dress down around this time of the year.

According to Abhishek Yadav, design head of Spykar, in spring-summer, comfort, ease of movement, look good-feel good and utility are the key factors driving trends. Says Yadav, “Garments are getting simpler with minimal approach to details and styling.

This year, the spring and summer fashion is all about the minimalist renewed with strong silhouettes, clever cuts and textured fabrics, adding interest to simple designs. Tropical motifs and bolder colours are going to be in vogue, while nature-inspired tropical prints and patterns are refreshed with motifs of different sizes and various off-beat placements which can be your go to fashion statement.”

Yadav shares some of the predictions for spring-summer fashion in 2018 and guides us on how to wear that right: 

- Casual bohemian styles in a more urban look are in for the season. Mixing of materials, frayed edges, intricate embellishments and surface textures like embroideries, sequences, and prints are key elements of this trend. Layered nomad-influenced styling combined with rich cultural references, traditional craftsmanship, and folkloric details are going to rule around this time so embrace them.
- It is the right time to sport bold stripes in various colours. Breton stripes or horizontal sailor stripes manipulated in varying scales will coincide with your fashion mantra and stripes in monochrome influenced by the retro trend of late ‘80s and early ‘90s are sure to grab eyeballs too.
- Don’t shy away from sporting oversized eyelets and delicate ties. Eyelets and tie-ups of different sizes used on top-wear and bottom-wear garments as functional and utilitarian details, make you look ready for spring-summer but with a touch of class.
- Long line shirts, which are longer than usual shirts, are in season. Boxy and longer in length, the shirts will flatter your body. You must also consider round and asymmetrical hemlines in shirts as they are going to rule the season. However, you can also try high-low hemline which is going to be a prominent feature in spring-summer fashion.
- If you thought sequins and sparkles are just too much for summer, think again. Glitter is a key feature in most of the fashion garments across casual wear — denim shirts, checks, textured fabrics with stones and pearls are some of the ways in which you can create a lasting impression. Embroideries and floral motifs will add a lot of fun to you look.
- Various sizes of checks are a must have for the season. Shades of olive, navy, red and pink in lightweight fabrics are the most prominent colours for a spring-summer fashion. Boxy shirts in checks with drop shoulder details and embellishments of various kinds is what you need this season. A floaty feminine heritage checks can be your best friend.
- Fringes are sure to make heads turn this season. They add character to the garments, hence you can go for these details on shirts and flowy long line skirts. Ruffles and gathers add a feminine air to your look, so you can add them to your topwear.
- Sheer fabrics are a hit for perfect summer-spring fashion, given that a lot of us seek inspiration from the runways. This summer, transparency is going to be a big trend, hence owning to sheer coats, dresses and shirts in cambric, voile and other drapey blends is only going to increase your style quotient.
- Bold shades along with the classic blues like whites, olives, shades of ochre (a natural clay earth pigment), orange and dusty pink tones in sunburnt and matte appearance, are going to make your summer a bit more brighter.
- If you want to sport a more daring casual wear, camouflage and nature-inspired patterns are your answers. Shirts and t-shirts in camouflage with embellishments like prints and embroidery motifs, along with bottom wear in camouflage work well.
- Volume and oversized silhouettes continue to make their mark this season. Elongated sleeves and dropped shoulders come through as the most significant detail on shirts, while volume in jeans is controlled via folder pleats and cinched waists.
- You must learn the art of embracing big graphics with subliminal statements on garments. Typograpy being a huge trend, words and phrases used in different artistic fonts to communicate the thoughts, is what you need to stand out from the crowd.
- Denims are here to stay and are going to rule the spring-summer style too, but washed out and worn-in look is going to be huge craze. Lightweight denims and blends of different materials, shades of indigo inspired from the colours of the sea will set the mood for the holiday season. Denims for women are going to be all about shirts and jeans with intricate embroidery and lush motifs.
- Floral prints emphasised with decorative needlework, or paired with embellishments in the form of flowers and exotic plants with a lot of typography look great too.

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