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Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Purvi Doshi known for her sustainable clothing label launched the Traceability app, hoping to bring in transparency in the fashion industry

Everywhere you go, a random conversation starts on the action required on climate change and pollution -- who is at fault, how can it be reversed and so on. While most of us blame one another and complain about global warming, sitting in the comforts of our air-conditioned rooms, a few have taken it upon themselves to save earth in whichever possible way. 

The cry for sustainability and eco-friendly products has made its way into the fashion industry too. Renowned designer Purvi Doshi, known for her sustainable clothing label, Purvi Doshi, recently launched the Traceability app, hoping to bring in transparency. This unique app offers the user a source map, the land where the cotton grew and textiles were woven, names, pictures and beautiful stories of weavers, dyers, spinners and tailors. Following the theme of her label — sustainability, the app aims to provide users with an origin story of clothes they wear. 

Doshi says that the thought of creating this platform came through the world-renowned fashion revolution — #whomademyclothes?. “We believe that it is a fundamental right of consumers to know if what they are putting on their bodies is made in dignity, without causing misery to anyone. So in support of the fashion revolution, we launched the traceability app,” adds the designer.

Talking about the features of the app, she says that Traceability is a major step forward where they have given complete transparency for the clothes that one is wearing. “You get all the details like what crop has been used, where the yarn has been made, who has dyed it, who has woven the fabric and finally who has stitched it. It even features the stories of the artisans, how they started that particular art and for how long they have been associated with our brand, what are their visions and goals in life and so on,” says Doshi. 

She explains that to access this information, all the user has to do is scan the barcode tag on the garment. Once you scan it with the app, it takes you to a source map which shows where the production took place. “Post that, you get all the information about the land it has been grown in, the stories of the artisans and so on,” informs Doshi. The purpose of the app is not to promote any fashion business but rather promote our artisans.

Doshi points out that these days as a consumer, it has become important for us to know the roots of our garments. As a consumer, if you buy food, you would want to know the complete details of the ingredients, the manufacturing company and date, so why not in fashion? “The basic motto of this app was having more transparency in fashion. Today, there are a lot of people claiming their fashion to be sustainable and their fabric to be pure or organic, but many a times it is not true,” Doshi says. 

She adds that Traceability is a platform that gives the consumer full trust in the brand that they are buying and in the clothes that they are wearing. She wants other brands to follow their footsteps and join the community of traceability which will actually be a big change in the fashion world.

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