Make-up for girls with glasses

Rituparna Banerjee
Wednesday, 13 February 2019

If you wear glasses, it doesn’t mean you have to stay away from make-up. Experts tell you how to define your eyes and highlight your features

Torn between wearing prescription glasses and make-up? While wearing make-up can be slightly tricky for people wearing glasses, it is not extremely hard to make a chic statement wearing them. You can, in fact, embrace both! Wondering how? Keep these little tips and tricks in mind while you go out flaunting those glamorous eyes and alluring eyeglasses.

Tone it down
To start off with the base, be it a BB cream, your regular foundation, or just a tinted moisturiser, make sure to blot the excess away. Make sure you have an almost matte base, especially around the bridge of your nose and your cheeks so that you don’t end up caking your glasses. If you have a liquid foundation on, try setting it with a powder finish.

Don’t ignore the brows
While you might completely ignore your brows most of the time, as a matter of fact, they can either make or break your entire look.

Some people tend to go overboard with their brows, which should be avoided completely. When asked about how to shape the brows, Anirban Mondal, make-up artist, says “I’m more likely to say this that people should always stick to their natural eyebrow shape. They shouldn’t elongate them just to make it appear more dramatic. Now, we don’t need a dramatic look every morning, do we?”

Choose always a shade lighter than your brow shade in order to make it appear subtle and not harsh. Fill it up but don’t go crazy with it.

Another make-up artist Bhavika Gundesha has simple tips to make the brows stand out. She says, “Keep them groomed, find the perfect eyebrow arch, fill in your brows, sharpen and highlight, and do not forget to set it with a brow gel.”

Stick to neutral shades  
While you might want to flaunt smokey eyes, it might not always be the best pick for people wearing glasses. Mondal says, “My main take on eyeshadows for people wearing prescription glasses is that they should avoid putting on any cool coloured eyeshadow like blue or green. Opt for something in brown or golden or terracotta to make your eyes look naturally beautiful..”
Keep the tone of your lids and crease as neutral as you can, thereby avoiding it looking too heavy. Use colours like beige, mocha, grey etc for your eyelids. Prefer single tones over double tones. 

Use a waterproof mascara  If you’re not an eyeliner person, make friends with the mascara. It not only opens up your eyes, but also gives it proper definition. Wearing glasses can often make your eyes look much smaller. Putting on some mascara can actually help them look bigger. While you put on some mascara, make sure to use waterproof ones to prevent it from flaking off onto your lenses.

Do not miss out on the concealer
If you love wearing make-up, this product is something you might not want to skip. Also, glasses do not hide your dark circles or the discolouration around your eye bags. They only enhance it! So, dabbing on some concealer around your under eyes and then setting it with some setting powder might indeed enhance your look. Gundesha, who swears by concealers, says, “Concealer not only conceals blemishes but also creates a base for the eyeshadow. If you use concealer and set it in place using loose powder, you will achieve a much fresher, youthful appearance.”

Who says bold is bad? 
While you might prefer sticking to nude shades thinking bold might not complement your eyeglasses, in reality, you can actually get away with a bit of bold. Your lip colour can certainly make a serious style statement whether you have glasses on or not. If you wish to pull off a bright red or fuchsia, you need not give it a second thought. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the right shade for your skin tone.

Mondal says, “What I’d suggest is if you want to wear a nude lipstick, then a pale pink will be good for bright skin tones and terracotta or a maroonish sort of lipstick will be good for darker skin tones. If you want to wear a red, then a vermilion will be good for pale skin tones, and a scarlet red will complement darker skin tones.’

Add a dash of highlighter 
While you keep your face matte, adding a bit of highlighter to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow will structure your face better. Use a highlighter that adds a subtle glow and isn’t too glam.      

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