The Magical Trio

Alisha Shinde
Friday, 18 January 2019

Chatting up Selvaganesh, who alongwith his father, Vikku Vinayakram and son, S Swaminathan, will be performing in the city this evening

Nourishing a family legacy is no joke, it requires passion and hard work and lots of rhythm. This is what 3G, a musical ensemble, comprising T H Thethdku di Harihara Vinayakram (famously known as Vikku Vinayakram) and his son Selvaganesh and his grandson, S Swaminathan, epitomise through their music. 

The trio are in Pune to perform this evening (Saturday) at Vasantotsav, a three day music concert, in association with Sakal presented by P N Gadgil and Sons and powered by Ravetakar Housing. 

Ahead of their performance in the city, Selvaganesh tells us more about his father’s legacy and how the younger generation is attracted to traditional music. Expressing his excitement of performing at Vasantotsav, Selvaganesh says, “Performing in Pune is a good thing; the people here are open to listening to all genres of music.” 

The musician, who has collaborated with several Western musicians, believes that fusion is a great way of bringing together the new and the traditional. “I have always believed in the fact that one has to move ahead with changing times but I also believe in holding on to our roots. That is exactly what we do when we work in fusion music genre. We hope to woo the younger generation with this,” he says.

Having said that, the percussion artist points out that he has seen many more young people turning to study Hindustani classical music. “More and more young people are taking up Hindustani classical music even when exposure to Western music is high. This shows that the younger generation indeed is interested in traditional music, and this is not going to change even years from now,” he points out.

When asked what binds 3G together other than the fact that they all are related to each other, Selvaganesh replies, “It’s the passion for creating music and magic that keeps us going. As a child, my father never ever forced me to take up music seriously. I did it out of my own will, because music has always been my calling. This is the case with my son as well. I never forced him, but music was something he wanted to do genuinely.” He adds that he would like to carry forward the concept of 3G, so that he can keep the legacy of his father alive. 

Ghatam artist Vinayakram has been felicitated with prestigious awards like Padma Bhushan and Grammy. He also continues to reign the hearts of audiences across the globe. That’s the reason Selvaganesh calls himself ‘lucky’. “I am lucky to be born to him. Matching his artistry is impossible. But we cherish what we learn from him. It is something we love and enjoy,” he adds. 

Talking about the future plans of 3G, Selvaganesh says that they will soon embark on their Europe tour. “Live performances are a great way of connecting with the audiences across the globe which is why we love doing them. We have planned tours in Europe, America and Egypt. We are also working on a studio album which will be released early this year,” he reveals. 

The second day of Vasantotsav will host performances of Sapta Shatak - instrumental ensemble by Kamlesh Bhadkamkar (4 pm), 3G by Vikku Vinayakram - Percussion  (6 pm) and  Rahul Deshpande - Classical Vocal (8 pm).

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