Love is all around us!

Sakal Times
Thursday, 13 February 2020

Animals too think and feel. National Geographic Wild aims to establish this through Real Love, Real Stories this Valentine’s Day

Since its inception 132 years ago, National Geographic has been on a mission to keep our planet in balance, by driving meaningful conversations and spotlighting some of the most prevailing issues with its thought-provoking, immersive and purpose-driven storytelling. National Geographic Wild is all set to entertain its audience with an all new look and feel through its world class wildlife series and specials.

The channel serves as a place for all things animals and aims to familiarise the audience with the visual, purpose-driven stories that showcase the beauty of our planet, and the brand’s commitment to inspire them to explore, care for and better understand the situation of these rare species.

With its new distinctive imagery and vibrant packaging and tagline ‘Real is Here’, the channel takes viewers closer to real, unscripted life stories from the global animal kingdom; from a place where there are no lights, no scripts, no make-up but a whole lot of action and entertainment.

Animals are no different from humans, they also think and feel and their presence on Earth is tremendously enriching. National Geographic Wild aims to highlight “Real Love, Real Stories” this Valentine’s Day. Stories that celebrate love between these magnificent species through enthralling India-specific and global content on conservation, endangered species and habitats for Indian audiences.

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