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Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Catching up with online singing sensation from the UK, Harvey Leigh Cantwell, who goes by the stage name HRVY, and his recent performance in India

Online singing sensation from London, Harvey Leigh Cantwell, who goes by the stage name HRVY, was recently on his maiden India tour. The young artist not only managed to win hearts of his fans, both young and old alike, but also created some good memories with them.  

HRVY, who has a million views on his covers as well as dance videos on social media platforms, began his music career at a very young age simply by uploading covers of Justin Timberlake and Trey Songz tracks on Facebook. He believes that social media has definitely been a launchpad in his music career and a means to reach his fans and followers. 

“I was simply in the right place and the right time because of which my music journey got the boost I needed to be famous amongst fans even half way across the globe,” he says. HRVY performed in Mumbai recently and was thronged by fans. He says that he was amazed at the response he got from Indians while he played out his music for them. 

Talking about how his experience of playing for the Indian audience, he says that he had the best time with the audience dancing and screaming and truly enjoying themselves which he believes made him extremely comfortable playing in a different country altogether. “I look forward to coming back and playing here once again,” he adds.

HRVY started his career with uploading covers a few years back. Ask him which artist would he like to collaborate with and he promptly says, “Ed Sheeran. The reason being he is such a versatile singer and musician, and has definitely added to the music industry back in the UK. He is simply amazing.” When asked which song he would love to sing with Ed and he says Perfect. 

But what if someone wants to make a cover of his song? HRVY  says that he will be more than happy. He strongly believes that it will be an honour if that happens in the near future. “I might even collaborate with the artist for my future projects,” he says and smiles. 

Talking about the trend of Indian artists making covers of famous blockbuster songs and mixing languages, be it Hindi, Spanish, Latin and so on, HRVY says, “Making covers in different languages is probably the best thing ever.” 

He believes music is one of the ways of breaking down language barriers. “Music has no language and definitely no boundaries. Any person, irrespective of the country and region they belong to, should be able to enjoy music,” he adds. 

These days many artists are being targeted and ridiculed for using auto-tune. Addressing the topic he says that making the voice sound aesthetic is not a crime. He believes that as far as artists use it to enhance the voice quality it is fair enough. “By no means can auto-tune actually change the way a person sounds in reality,” he points out.  

HRVY’s recently released EP- Talk to Ya, which features the single, Personal — a hit amongst his fans. He was initially nervous about the way his fans would react to the album, but that changed quickly when his audience fell in love with the song Personal. 

“Recording the songs on the album was more like storytelling,” he says. He spent a lot of time in the studio working on things which eventually worked out and a few did not. “The album is all about fun and not get bored in life,” he adds. He is currently working on more songs, which will release in a few months.  

Giving tips to young and upcoming artists who want to make it big, he says, “Make sure you generate a lot of content for your pages and  I mean quality content. Ask your friends to like and share the videos and go through the comment section and be open to suggestions and keep working hard no matter what.”

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