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Amrita Prasad
Monday, 11 December 2017

Momos, the flavourful dumplings, are a perfect winter treat. We bring to you a few of the most favourite Momo joints in the city where you can indulge

Momos, the flavourful dumplings, are a perfect winter treat. We bring to you a few of the most favourite Momo joints in the city where you can indulge

Call them Momos, Dumplings or Wontons, they have become one of the most preferred street foods across cities. Stuffed with mutton, fish, chicken, shrimp or vegetables, these delightful humble pockets of happiness are believed to have originated in Tibet or Nepal and travelled to the North-Eastern regions of our country and finally have become a ‘hot’ favourite of gastronomes all over.

While the Classic Momo remains the most cherished version, the love for the dish has led to further innovation, resulting in Momo joints offering a variety of options. We take you on a tour of a few of them across Pune.

Run by Pratik Soni and Shivangi Chaturvedi, Skadoosh — Epic Momos and More in Kharadi, offers an array of Momos with interesting twists. For Soni, who belongs to Dehradun, and Chaturvedi, who has her roots in Darjeeling, Momos have been an integral part of their culture, cuisine and growing up. Although, primarily a takeaway and delivery outlet, the small place is a perfect hangout for you and your small gang of friends.

While giving us a peek into the varieties, Soni says that Classic Momos are authentic vegetable or chicken Momos straight from the hills; Epic Cheese Momos stuffed with cheese are a real treat for those who always crave for cheese treats; Aroi Thai Momos, available in vegetable or chicken stuffing, is a variation of the Classic Momo with a Thai twist; Peep-in Momo has vegetable or chicken stuffing and is steamed with an open top for those who do not have the patience to wait for surprises; Classic Momo Jhol is a real treat from the hills in which the Momos are drowned in a medium-flavoured Nepali curry; and Little Chilli Bao, which comes in two different stuffings — paneer and chicken — and what gives it an extra flavour is the fermented dough with which the wrapping is prepared.

If you think Momos can be either desi or Oriental, wait till you dig into Skadoosh’s II Italian Momo stuffed with corn, spinach, cheese and tossed in a creamy white sauce. You can also try their Veggie Delight, which is stuffed with mushroom and broccoli tossed with special seasonings, and Pahadi Mutton Momo, which allows you to relish pahadi-style Muttom Keema stuffed in a Momo.

“The soul of our eatery is Momo, so every dish that we innovate and create will have Momos in it in some form or the other. For example, Thukpa, a Tibetan Noodle Soup is a scrumptious bowl of awesomeness served with Momos; Pad Thai Momo Meal is served with Momos, stir-fried Noodles, peanut sauce and Aroi Thai Kothey,” he adds.

Similarly, Khowsuey Momo Meal, Paneer Chilli or Chicken Chilli Momo Meals are something to die for. Their Classic Momos are available in wheat dough as well. Stuffed with sprouts and tossed with olive oil, Guilt-free Momos are perfect for fitness and health freaks. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in Banana Apple Toffee or Chocolate Momos.

Skadoosh is open from 2-11.30 pm everyday, except Mondays, and Veg Momos start at Rs 100 and Chicken Momos, Rs 110.


One of the favourite Momo destinations in the city, Sevensisters has been named after the beautiful North-Eastern region of our country. Tara Sharma, one of the staff members at the outlet, says that along with their Momos, their sauces and dips too are loved by all. “Momo today, is not just limited to veg or chicken variants. People are willing to discover more, hence we prepare stuffings that vary from the authentic vegetable, to paneer, soya, chicken, mutton, fish and egg, so there’s something for everyone. Coming to our sauces, they are a treat in themselves. We serve Schezwan, Soya, Manchurian and Mayonnaise which add tadka to the delightful Momo,” says Sharma.

If you are someone who isn’t satisfied with just the steamed variety, theres’s a lot more for you. Crispy fried Momos, grilled, pan fried — they have it all. Those who want to enjoy the crispiness can try their shallow-fried Momos without worrying a lot about calories.

Sevensisters remains open from 11 am-11 pm and the Momos start at Rs 75.

Owned and run by a Bengali couple, Priyanka Ghosh and Bivas Ghosh, Fry Pan is your little secret Chinese joint nestled between rows of shops, fish market and Biryani outlets on Aundh Road. A takeaway express outlet, which also has a small seating area, Fry Pan promises to take you to the hills of Darjeeling through their Momos and spicy, hot sauce. Be it Chicken or Vegetable Momo, subtlety and simplicity is their style. With chefs who are natives of Darjeeling, the Momos served here are extremely authentic and flavourful.

Says Aniruddha Dutta, a resident of that area and a regular at Fry Pan, “Fry Pan reminds me of Darjeeling, our favourite vacation destination. The blend of mild spices in both their Vegetable and Chicken Momos is perfect. The red Schezwan chutney served with the Momos goes well with the mild flavour. My only request is, if they start serving soup with the Momos, it will be like a cherry on the top.”

Fry Pan remains open from 6-10.30 pm on all days, except Monday. The veg variety starts at Rs 50 and the chicken variety starts at Rs 60.


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