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Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 21 January 2018

Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala gives an insight into the pilates festival that is taking place in the city this week

Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala gives an insight into the pilates festival that is taking place in the city this week

From Yasmin Karachiwala, the first master celebrity trainer for Pilates in India, comes the first ever Pilates Festival India. Curated over a period of four days, starting from January 25 at Atmantan Wellness Centre, Pune and in Mumbai, the week after, the festival will bring together leading master Pilates trainers from around the world.
Portia Paige, Ann Toran, Errol Toran, Valentin and Bijay Anand will give the participants an insight into the pilates form.

How did this idea occur to you?  
During the last couple of years, I have travelled all over the world to do the Pilates on Tour, where I meet all the master trainers. They had expressed their wish to visit me in India and see the work that I do.
In London, I met someone, who spoke about an event that he had organised in Scotland on same lines. I thought of organising a pilate workshop in India. It could be attended by everyone – who have been doing pilates and want to know more about the form and for those who have never done it before. I have also been attending a yoga festival for Aatmantan and so the idea also stemmed from there.

Tell us more about this festival and the master trainers. How will they contribute to creating awareness for pilates?
Four pilates master trainers are coming to Pune. It is an honour to have them here. They are brilliant in their field and extremely experienced in teaching Pilates in huge groups of people and doing different variations of the same.
At the festival, we would be offering circuit training, 20-20-20 which focuses on lower body core and upper body. Also, we are planning to do mat pilates and pilates with equipment like chair, bodhi (suspension pilates), motors, and smaller tools like the magic circle, balls and thera-bands. We are introducing the pilate types where one has to use the towel and do the exercise on the floor.
At the festivals, we are also curating a food menu which is made without using refined sugar and oil. We have tried to keep it clean and healthy. We are also trying to help people change their mindset and become positive to take up their fitness seriously.

Will you take this festival to other parts of the country?
I would love to take this festival to other parts of India. My instructor friends in the US, and other parts of the world, are waiting to find out how this one goes and want me to invite them to India and be a part of the next festival.  

How aware are people about pilates in India?
I have been teaching pilates for more than 11 years now in India. When I started out, people didn’t know what pilates was, they were not able to pronounce the term properly, and now they are willing to try out the form. So yes, it has definitely evolved.
Now with more and more people taking it up, in the next five years, I can see everybody doing pilates in India. That would be great.

How is pilates different from other workout?
Everyone who came to me was doing a combo of cardio and weight training. But the Indian body really struggles with the stomach. Even young girls are thin all over, but have a stomach. I realised you could do a 1000 crunches and strengthen your abs, but not really get rid of the fat. Basic gym exercises don’t reach the deepest level of your ab muscles. That’s when I found pilates.  
Being the first BASI certified pilates instructor in India, I can tell you that it hits your core unlike any other workout. Pilates’ slow and controlled movements puts minimal impact on your joints and eases back-pain. Pilates conditions the whole body, with your entire musculature evenly balanced and flexible, helping you enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease, better performance and less chance of injury. That’s why so many professional sports teams and elite athletes now use pilates as a critical part of their training regimen. It’s a thinking man’s exercise that boosts brain function.
Besides it also does wonders to your sexual life. You have way better orgasms with pilates.





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