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Poorna Kulkarni
Friday, 12 July 2019

Enabling Leadership, an organisation that works for underprivileged children, is hosting a benefit concert under their Music Basti programme that aims to raise funds for over 100 kids

Education in any form, be it classroom learning or performing arts, is a luxury for underprivileged kids. Many organisations attempt to help them by raising funds for their education or extra-curricular activities through events, concerts or exhibitions. One of them is Enabling Leadership, an organisation that reaches more than 150 government and low-income schools in rural as well as urban areas of the country. They are organising a benefit concert this evening, which will feature Abhay Nayampally and Shravan Samsi and a special opening performance by students from Music Basti, their programme. 

Faith Gonsalves, director for Public Engagement at Enabling Leadership says, “The special benefit concert is a fundraising event that we have organised in Pune to support 120 children of Music Basti programme this year. The programme was created in 2008 for the kids. This year, this event has been organised in Delhi, Pune, Dharwad and Bengaluru. Through this concert we are aiming to raise around Rs 10 lakh to support 120 kids.” 

In this benefit concert, around 25 students of Rashmi English Medium School, between 8 and 10 years of age will be performing on an original song Hum sab saath saath. 

The benefit concert will see a fusion performance by artists Nayampally and Samsi on electric guitar and drums, respectively. Nayampally, who is a professional Carnatic musician, says, “We will be presenting elements of pure Indian classical music along with Western influences. The fusion will be instrumental and I will be presenting Carnatic classical music on guitar. The event will appeal to a vast set of audience.” 

“When the drums would be played, they would appeal to the audiences that like jazz and Western music and when I play the guitar, it will connect with the audiences that like pure classical music. With this, there will be a common meeting point in instrumental music on the stage.” 

Shravan Samsi, son of tabla maestro Pt Yogesh Samsi, is also a trained tabla player. He has also been playing drums for six years and will be presenting a drum set in Western music for the concert. He says, “Leadership programmes like these with emphasis on values are very important in today’s times. Considering so many negative social impacts and diverse issues that the society is facing today, I think it is the need of the hour for someone to take the initiative for such leadership programmes. I am happy that I can support and contribute in the best possible way I can.” 

Flagship programme 
There are three flagship programmes like Music Basti, Build Maya and Just For Kicks. Under each of these, there are concerts and football league matches for the kids. “We have part time and full time music teachers who are trained in Hindustani, Western and Carnatic music. They train kids to understand music fundamentals and write original songs which later culminate in public performances. This year, we have recruited 50 teachers and given them 14 days training in classroom management and usage of curriculum,” says Gonsalves. 

“The programme starts from July to February with 48 sessions, wherein there are two concerts, one in November and the other is the public concert that takes place in February in Delhi, Pune and Dharwad. This year, we have included Bengaluru too. Through these events, we have reached over 6,300 students and under Music Basti alone, we have connected with 1200 students. Also, we have over 200 teachers and coaches across the country. A student can enroll for three years for any of the programmes. The longer enrollment programmes help us to work with them in a more sustainable way.” 

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The benefit concert will be held on July 13 at UWAP, Patrakar Nagar, from 6 pm onwards. The event is open for all

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