A laugh riot

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The star cast of Marathi film, Looose Control, visited Sakal Times office recently.  They promised that their project will crack up the audience.

A movie packed with the comedy kings and queens of the Marathi film industry is all set to release this Friday (February 23). Looose Control, directed by Ajay Singh, is a 
situational comedy that takes place on one single night, more specifically on New Year’s Eve. “The movie has several characters who have their own plot lines but one single string that ties them together,” says Singh.

When asked about the title, the director says that it’s inspired by the hook line of the song from Rang De Basanti. And, also because all the characters, who have different motives meet at an intersection in the movie, which causes a lot of confusion, that results in a lot of comedy for the audience.

The movie is about three friends who are engineering students and have certain inhibitions in life which they want to break free from. Akshay Mhatre, who plays Amol, adds, “Amol and his friends have one thing in common, which is that none of them wants to be an engineer. The character that I am portraying is nothing like what I am in real life. I am a calm and quiet person.”

Manmeet Pem, who plays Akshay’s friend, has spent some time in Vidarbha and Pune. Thus his spoken language has an influence of Vidarbhi and Puneri dialect, which takes his character to another level. “I play the character of Jaggu who is a called ‘Scanner’. My job is to ‘scan’ or check out girls,” adds Manmeet.

Their third friend Pinak, played by Shashikant Kerkar, is a dreamer. “He dreams of becoming a successful theatre artist. But when he goes on stage to perform he usually messes it up,” he explains. An ex-student of the college brings these friends and Julie (a hooker) together and what ensues is ‘looose control’.

The movie also stars Shashank Shende, Kushal Badrike, Bhalchandra Kadam, Aarti Solanki, Namrata Awate and Prajakta Hanamghar.  

What prevents a comedy film from becoming a vulgar one is a thin line. And, the director affirmatively states that he will never develop a script that is offensive to the audience or the Censor Board. Says Ajay, “I have young nieces at home and so I have to be careful while portraying women and other characters. It is my responsibility to not objectify women.”

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