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Anjali Jhangiani
Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Comic Con India declares Fandom month with live events, digital contests, polls and geeky shopping offers

Comic Con India hosted their Pune edition in March, and they are going to have their Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi events from October. But to gear up for the fun later in the year, and to involve enthusiasts who live in different cities where comic conventions aren’t held, Comic Con India has started their digital initiative called Fandom Month. 

To participate, you need two things: an internet connect and a device to use it on. Once you’re online, you have to log on to fandommonthindia.com to embark on a fun-filled journey full of exciting competitions and prizes to win. 

The aim of this initiative is not only to start a buzz about the comic conventions that will be held in different cities in India from October till December, but also to unite fans of comics, movies, television series, movies and games, to indulge in discussions, share ideas and theories, and primarily, meet like-minded people online. 

Jatin Varma, founder of Comic Con India, shares that fans can engage in a range of digital contests themed from trivia to fan art. When he says that there will be something for everyone, he means it, which is why there will be a meme-making competition too. You will also have the chance to win prizes. “It’s quite easy, just check out our weekly and month-long contests. The process is mentioned on the site. There are so many contests, that one stands a great chance of winning something. The prize pool is over Rs 5 lakhs and includes everything from comics, toys, apparel to Wacom tablets, phones and cameras,” says Varma. Geeky shopaholics will go beserk by the slick offers on merchandise, games, apparel, books and more on Amazon.in.  

Apart from contests and offers, the Fandom Month includes live sessions by artists and writers in a special section called Creators Corner. “We will be introducing upcoming Indian writers and artists on this section. They will be indulging in live chats with fans who can talk to them about their work,” says Varma adding, “The best and brightest from the industry, from regulars such as Abhijeet Kini to newer artists such as Shailesh Gopalan of Brown Paper Bag —  our aim is to cover as many people as possible during the month!”

Participants can get together to discuss relevant topics on the Talk Geeky forum. “Talk Geeky is a unique online discussion forum to discuss all things geeky with fellow geeks. The discussions on this forum might range from feedback on the latest trailers to your opinion on the new female Dr Who!”

But all this online activity apart, events such as movie screenings and workshops will be held in selected cities. “We are hosting workshops at different colleges and institutions across nine cities, along with a few public events like our first one ‘Creating your own WebComic’ hosted by Gopalan,” says Varma, adding that people can find more information about the online and offline activities on the website. 

The Fandom Month kicked off on August 1. To participate and for more information, log on to fandommonthindia.com

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