Irfan Rangrez: ‘Eating is very important for fitness’

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 22 March 2020

Celebrity Fitness Coach Irfan Rangrez says that when it comes to fitness, celebrities are mentally very strong.

During his two decade-old career as a fitness coach so far, Irfan Rangrez has trained numerous celebrities. He uses his knowledge to train anyone who is serious about leading a healthy life. 

Rangrez has trained actors like Sunil Shetty, Sharad Kelkar, Prince Narula and Kushal Tondon among others. He informs that after coming to Mumbai, he first started training Sunil Shetty aka Anna. “I have also trained Sonu Nigam, Himmesh Reshamiya, Guru Randhawa and others,” he says.

The biggest difference between common people and celebrities is the level of discipline that the latter have for fitness. “Most of us search for an excuse to avoid visiting the gym but celebrities don’t. They are mentally very strong. Even if they are shooting for long hours, they do come for workouts. They are very serious and disciplined about fitness,” says Rangrez who runs a fitness centre called Gym Spirit. 

Citing an example, he shares, “There are occasions when Anna is very busy at office and his staff or associates want him to stay back for some more time but he directly refuses. He always tells them, ‘I can never compromise with my fitness because if I am fit, only then I will be able to give you time’.”
So how does Rangrez plan their fitness? “Sometimes, they require a certain kind of body type because of the character they are playing. Sometimes, they need a lean look so along with building their body, I also design their face. Like how sharp does the face need to look, is it heavy? I work on their face, depending on their project,” the expert says. 

He further adds that Himesh is looking quite different from what he looked before. “He always looked lean but along with that, he was looking weak. Now he is looking much younger and sharper,” Rangrez points out.

Sharing the secret behind how he works on that, he says, “We decrease the age of the muscle, which is a new technique. You cannot guess their age by looking at their muscle quality.”  

The journey
As far as his personal journey is concerned, Rangrez says he has always been into fitness. “I haven’t taken any guidance from anyone. I have learnt from my own experiences. Over the years, I have made changes in the workout depending on what I have learnt,” he says.

He gradually started training body builders and today his students have won medals across the country. “When I started off, people did not workout smartly. Gymming was only for professional body builders or done by those who were asked by the doctors,” he says, adding, “Today, fitness has become a priority. People are smartly working out because of the knowledge available. It’s faster to achieve the desired results.” 

He points out that there a few myths regarding fitness and it’s important that we break them. “People think that if they eat less or do not eat at all, they can achieve their desired look but it’s not true. Eating is very important. We have been eating since childhood and if one day, we stop eating properly, it will affect our body in some way or the other. I always give proper diet and also workout.

I do not believe in dieting,” he says. 

What are some of the mistakes that people make while working out? Rangrez says, “They work out so much on the very first day of gymming that they end up with a muscle pull or an injury and in the process give up gymming. Secondly, they give up eating and become weak. Also, it’s not true that if you do heavy weights only then you can build your body. We have won competitions by doing middle and light weightlifting.”

He says that he feels happy when he sees certain changes in the person he is training. “It feels like I have also changed and that motivates me a lot. The more changes people see in themselves, the more motivated and serious they get regarding fitness,” he quips.

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