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Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 3 January 2018

With Indian weddings getting a fancy makeover, wedding invites too are becoming interesting and couples are opting for cards that can be re-purposed, reused and upcycled to keep alive the memory of their wedding

Celebrity couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding was national news for a while. Everything, from their outfits, to accessories, engagement ring, venue and so on, was much talked about. But what stood out the most was their reception invitation card. #Virushaka, as the social media calls them, chose an eco-friendly way to invite guests for their reception in India. The couple, who are concerned about environment conservation, sent a sapling along with the invites. This meant the couple wanted their guests to plant a tree. What a brilliant way of caring for nature as well as keeping one’s wedding memories alive!  

It’s not just Virushaka who chose to walk that extra mile to make their wedding more happening, but several other couples are going for innovative wedding invitations that are cool, thoughtful and personalised. From reusable cards, to bookmarks attached to them, wine bottles, gift cards hidden inside the invitations — wedding invites have become much more exciting. 

According to Suhasini Shome, a Kolkata-based wedding planner, gone are the days when people sent mithai ka dabba with invites since we Indians believe in starting everything new on a sweet note. “A lot has changed about Indian weddings and so have the invites. More and more couples are seeking perfection for the wedding invitation card. Everything is about customisation these days and couples are adding a personal touch to their wedding. Since wedding invites are an extension of their personality, their likes and ideology, couples are making an extra effort to make them special. They are not only setting a trend by going for specials cards, but also helping others cherish their wedding memory for a longer time,” adds Shome who believes that despite the rise in digitalised and video invitations, the feeling of holding a physical card is unparalleled. 

City-based artist and card designer Shreya Shah, who recently completed an order of around 80 welcome cards for a wedding, says that the craze for such cards is huge and people also want to give something to those attending the wedding as memento. Talking about her cards, she says, “Handmade mini cards  (3×4 inches) made from leftover paper strips and cutouts look exquisite while welcoming guests at weddings or any other occasion. The best part is that the cards can be reused. The written message inside is calligraphed on a separate note and placed in an envelope attached inside, so that the notes can be changed and can be given to others. The outer part can be cut and used as bookmarks,” she adds. 

Komal Baldawa Bhutada, city-based chartered accountant and card designer from Pune, has been creating new designs from original cards and turning them into bookmarks, photo frames, etc. “Some of my cards have small Ganapati statues attached to them, which can be detached and reused,” says Bhutada. 

For Delhi-based couple Hitesh and Sanjana Walia, the most exciting part of their wedding was the invite which had a golden leaf on it. “Although we kept our wedding simple, we took extra care to make our wedding cards a memorable one. So each invite had a golden leaf, which guests could remove, get it framed and hang on the walls of their home. Everyone was elated to find the golden leaf and that’s what we wanted. So while the guests showered us with gifts, we too had small gifts for them to cherish our wedding memory,” adds Sanjana. 

Heena Talwar, card designer of Walia couple, has some suggestions for personalised wedding invites with gift items with them that are contemporary, useful and popular this season: 
Handmade soaps: An invite which has a hidden handmade or organic soap is one of the hottest trends. 

Potpourri: What better way to delight your guests than get a card designed which will have  a potpourri pouch attached to it! This is one of the most cherished invites for your guests. 
Frames: Cards/ invites that can be folded and turned into photo frames are the most common idea when it comes to creative wedding card designs and most couple are opting for it. 

Jewellery: Indian weddings mean jewellery and when your invite has small pieces of unisex jewellery (imitation), there’s nothing like it. Pieces like ornate keychains, brooches, pendants, etc will be loved by all. 

Terrariums/ seeds/ saplings:  Green weddings are trending right now. Couples are more conscious about the environment and want to send a message and do their bit to save the planet. Hence, an invite that contains a seed, a sapling or comes with a terrarium will have a lasting impression on the guests and they too can contribute to nature. 

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