Incredible India it is...

Anukriti Sharma
Monday, 19 June 2017

...for the foreign students graduating from Symbiosis International University. They share with us their experiences in India and what they take back home

Happy foreign students dressed up to the nines, flaunting their degrees and freezing their moments on camera — on Saturday, this was the sight at the international students’ convocation at Symbiosis International University. The journey has been remarkable for most, full of ups and downs but also of cherished memories, even falling in love with India. The convocation ceremony held on June 17, saw noted speakers encouraging innovative thinking and thirst for passion among the graduating youngsters. Students of 40 different countries presented their respective national flags to chief guest Shriniwas Patil who addressed the ceremony sharing experiences of his graduation days and insights on the city. Further, 201 graduating students received their degrees. 

Some students shared their experiences with us
I pursued MA in Psychology and it has been an amazing experience out here in India. I moved here in 2012 and in these five years, this is my second degree. I have met wonderful people, the lecturers were really helpful. There have been a few ups and downs but I don’t regret anything at all. Prior to coming here, I wasn’t much conscious about society and the environment in general. But now with the knowledge that I have gained here, I am aware and capable of addressing the issues that our society faces. I will take this back home and inform people about it. My ultimate aim is to impart knowledge to others and bring awareness about the socio-environmental developments around us. We can continue to grow into a big united world that way.
— Micheal Adenrele, Nigeria

I have been studying BA in Psychology. For me, India has been really great. I am done with my course but I genuinely do not want to leave. The cultural traits in Mauritius and India are quite similar, so it was pretty easy to adjust here. I knew I would be able to travel and explore a lot and I am glad that I did. The course has also enabled me to understand a lot of things and these years have been really enriching in terms of education and experience.
— Hemant Rughoonauth, Mauritius

I am so excited to be a part of today’s ceremony; it has been a wonderful journey in India. I have really enjoyed my time here and have gained a lot of experience which I know will help me in building a bright future ahead. It wasn’t actually my plan to come here but I genuinely thank god for sending me to India to gain an incredible experience that I am going to cherish.
— Rejoice Onyoti, South Sudan

We have gone through so many things, felt so many emotions and this degree is the fruit of it. We have grown physically and mentally and have known how life changes over a period of time. After receiving my results, I was offered a scholarship and India being the place of origin of our ancestors, I decided to come here for further studies. I just completed my BA in Economics. It is not that we came here just for education, it is about overall growth and I have gained so much experience that it is definitely going to help me build a great future.
— Padmasha Bye Gopall, Mauritius

I pursued M Sc in Petroleum and Technology. Back home in Gabon, we speak French but over here, the mode of communication was English. So it has been a challenge for me but still I made through and it is now an advantage. The experience was so nice. People are so different, the culture is so unique and yet in a classroom, we all were together and united. I in fact travelled to Assam as well to pursue my internship and loved it. It was exciting and amazing. In my country, people watch a lot of Indian series. The culture here, the sarees — it is all so attractive and beautiful. So when I got the opportunity to come here to study, I instantly grabbed it. This degree has been helpful and I know I will have an upper hand when I go back.
— Mibambou Kassa Winnie, Gabon

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