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Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ali Asgar Kagzi, co-founder Genext Students, talks about the hybrid tutoring platform and how it helps as per the child’s learning needs  

Ali Asgar Kagzi, co-founder Genext Students, talks about the hybrid tutoring platform and how it helps as per the child’s learning needs  

Giving children good quality education is one of the biggest concerns of parents. Most parents want their kids to get the best education, which means good tutors and study material. Genext Students, conceptualised by cousin-duo Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, is a hybrid tutoring platform which combines private tutoring with technology for students from different boards including CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.

The platform also brings quality home tutors along with proprietary content (online and offline) to the doorstep of parents/ students using technology as a key driver. It enables personalised learning for students and provides real-time progress updates to parents. On the other hand, it empowers educators and tutors to become entrepreneurs, or more specifically ‘Tutorpreneurs’.

Both Kafzi and Daud are graduates of London School of Economics and they launched their start-up with the intention of making quality learning content accessible to students across the country. Here’s chatting up Kagzi about the initiative:

Can you explain hybrid tutoring platform?
Most educational technology platforms are primarily online — be it online content delivery or online tutoring. We are a hybrid home tutoring platform where the discovery and connection happen online and the tutoring happens in-person offline combined with online notes, assessments and progress tracking — making it a hybrid model.

How did the idea of starting Genext Students emerge?
It started when we were studying in London School of Economics where we experienced the usage and benefits that technology has in aiding and measuring the learning. Genext Students was started with the intention of making quality learning content accessible to everyone across the country. But we soon realised that teachers play a vital role and that there is a huge shortage of quality teachers and most schools are not equipped to impart quality education suited for each student’s learning needs. Hence, last year, we altered the model to create and empower tutorpreneurs.  

What are the key areas you have kept in mind while setting it up?
To connect the right tutor as per the child’s learning needs, and enable parents, students and tutors to connect with each other, learn and grow to their full potential.   

There are several sites like,, etc.  How different is Genext Students?
What sets us apart is the hybrid model where the role of a tutor, content and technology — all play a vital role in the development of the child.

How do you choose tutors?
We strongly believe that anyone with a passion and ability to teach can become a tutor. Though the registration on the platform is free, the tutors go through a stringent verification process which check their profile and subject knowledge proficiency. There is a comprehensive tutor rating and feedback mechanism as well. We also conduct tutor orientation and skills development workshops which help enhance the quality of tutoring.

What are some of the challenges that parents face when it comes to tutoring their kids?
The key challenge a parent faces is finding the right tutor who can understand and improve the child’s learning, not just marks. Today, most parents are both working and are unable to devote much time towards their child’s learning progress. Also, they may not be equipped or updated about the finer details and need an expert tutor to guide the child. Another challenge they face is measuring their child’s performance beforehand so that they do not have to wait till the exam results. All these challenges are addressed by us at GenextStudents.

How do you plan to spread tutorpreneurs across the country?
Our model enables us to quickly move to any city and scale up operations as the parent-tutor matching technology is driven by AI. Because of the support that we are able to provide, in terms of branding and discovery, training, content and administrative tools, tutors can focus on doing what they are good at — teaching.

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