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Tanya De
Monday, 13 May 2019

Mihika Bhanot, who started her Mihika Bhanot Image Consultancy two years ago at the age of 19, has been successful in training 500 people so far. Here’s more on her journey 

Mihika Bhanot was just 19 when she started her company Mihika Bhanot Image Consultancy and within two years, it has been successful in training 500 people. At a time when most teenagers try to figure out their future goals, Bhanot had it all mapped out. “I wanted an e-commerce brand of my own from the very beginning and even started selling handmade jewellery online when I was just 13,” says the enterprising youngster who enrolled herself for an image consultancy session when she was 17. Among the group of 13 people, with an average age of 35 years, she was the only teen attending the session. 

Ask her about her experience of helping people gain confidence and Bhanot, who is currently working on her book, replies, “It has been an eight-year journey. I started when I was 13 and during the entire process I had to unlearn a lot of things before I could learn anything. I went from knowing nothing to knowing something to now growing every day.” 

She was trained by the three out of the eight Certified Image Masters in the world. She was invited to the USA on a scholarship for advanced research and study in Image and Personal Branding domain. Now, she has a group of trainers working under her and she believes that if she works 10 times harder than her teammates it will motivate them to work harder. “As a trainer, mentor and image doctor for my clients, I help them in their pain areas,” she says.

Being a sports person has helped her gain a better perspective on life. In the past, people made fun of her unibrows, the gap in her teeth and even her stammering problem. Focusing on sports helped her overcome these challenges. Staying constantly charged up, Bhanot motivates her clients and makes sure to give them 100 per cent every day.

Telling us more about her journey, “First I convinced myself, and then I convinced my parents about wanting to start this company. Keeping in mind the trust my parents have for me I feel motivated each day,” she says adding that her family keeps her grounded, humble and encourage her to do better every day. She also wants to be the source of inspiration for her two sisters. 

Sharing her advice for upcoming entrepreneurs, Bhanot says, “Just keep going, keep finding out and feel everything yourself.” Interestingly, she made a world record for holding the largest personality development and confidence building workshop in 2018. She is working on breaking her own record this year.

Having new goals every six months keeps her inspired towards achieving her main goal: to be a CIM (Certified Image Masters).

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