I want to do more work in Bollywood: Madhoo Shah

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 21 July 2017

Says Madhoo Shah who is making her TV debut with Aarambh and will enter the show today

Says Madhoo Shah who is making her TV debut with Aarambh and will enter the show today

Madhoo Shah, one of the loved actresses of the 1990s, was part of some popular Hindi, Telugu and Tamil films like Roja, Pehchan, Zalim among others. The actress, who has been away from Bollywood for a while now, is making her television debut with Star Plus’ Aarambh.

The high-octane drama penned by K V Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijan, narrates the story of two civilisations (Dravidians and Aryans) born and built out of two different existential needs — one desperately wanting what the other had and the other fighting to defend what they believed to be rightfully theirs.

Madhoo, who plays Queen Sambhavija, says, “She is a powerful queen and has got all kinds of shades to her character. She is a ruthless queen but not rude.”

Not many know that Madhoo is good friends with Goldie Behl (the director of the show) and his wife Sonali Bendre. She says, “The fact that Goldie was making the show made the whole process easy for me. There’s a level of comfort while working and an understanding between us. I have heard about TV commitments being hard and demanding. With my family it would have been difficult. But Goldie is understanding and he made sure that I manage the shoot and be there for my family.”

Though Madhoo has stayed away from Bollywood, down South, she has worked on several projects. “The Hindi audience wouldn’t know that I am doing films down South. I had worked in six to eight films but that did not stop me from being nervous when I started working on this show.”

She further says that it was not her choice to stay away from Hindi films but the lack of good roles that kept her away. “I want to do Bollywood films so that I can stay close to my family. But I was not getting good offers. That way, South film industry and the audience has been very welcoming. They have given me tremendous love and work,” she says.

The mother of two girls says that her daughters have now begun watching her work. “Both my daughters are grown up now and so they have watched the trailer of Aarambh. They are slowly getting involved with my work as they keep a watch on my look, make-up and work. They are proud and excited about my work. In fact, recently, they had kept a surprise party for me,” says the proud mom. She adds that her daughters’ reaction to her work matters to her. “I was really nervous about their reaction to the show. The opinion of the young audience matters a lot because it’s very relevant. They should be happy with the show, otherwise we will keep making dated content. Let’s not forget that the young audience is very critical and opinionated,” says the actress who herself is not into watching daily soaps.

The actress is also amazed with the advanced technology being used in films and television. Citing an incident, she says, “During one of the shoots, my voice sounded muffled. I was feeling tired that after shooting for 12 hours, I had to go to the studio to dub. But they got the dubbing equipment on sets and I dubbed my dialogues in my vanity van. These are things we couldn’t think about doing back in the day.”

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