I am not here just to make money: Pallavi Joshi

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Pallavi Joshi talks about the beautiful story behind the short film Pressure Cooker and why she won't work in a TV series anytime soon

After television and films, Pallavi Joshi has made her debut in short film format. “Short film as a medium gives you lot of flexibility because you can make a three to 40-minute film.

Unfortunately, other mediums including TV and films are not that flexible and therefore storytelling becomes much easier on web,” says the actress. She adds, “In television, you have the pressure to create content for certain target audience; similarly for films you have to create commercial content and need item numbers to sell the film. But short films are a free medium, where you can express your ideas without worrying about other things. It’s very liberating creatively as you can say a story in a manner you want to say. Many use it as a rehearsal ground.”

Pallavi believes that one gets to see both good and bad films in this format. 

The actress plays an interesting role in Heena D’souza’s Pressure Cooker, which is about a woman and a cooker. It’s an interesting and sweet story, says Pallavi, adding, “The state of her marriage is brought out beautifully through a pressure cooker.”

Pallavi says that the atmosphere of working in a short film is no different from films or TV. “This was the first time I was offered a short film, and I found the story to be so beautiful,” she says.

She shares that she has been very choosy about her work.

“Many actors are choosy about their work. They want to make sure that they choose projects that will impact their career in a positive way, or want to do films in which they have a strong character. But I only pick projects that I like and bluntly refuse the ones that don't appeal to me,” says the actress who has produced films Buddha in a Traffic Jam. She says that even as a producer, she goes by her instinct. “The story and the idea behind the project needs to interest you. You cannot produce it if you cannot connect with the story and don't want to work in it as an actor,” she says, adding that she always goes by what the audience wants. 

 “Since the beginning of my career, whenever I was offered a show, I noticed that if I connected with it, the audience connected with it too. But if I have the slightest doubt in my mind about it, and I refuse to do the show, it fails to connect with the audience too.”

The actress was last seen in Sony TV's Peshwa Bajirao and after her experience with the makers of the show, Pallavi says that she would not like to do TV anytime soon. “Peshwa Bajirao was my first daily soap and before that I had done Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai. I knew that the later was a finite show and we would shoot for five months, which we did. But in case of Peshwa Bajirao, I didn't know if the show would be on air for three months or three years. This uncertainty impacts your character,” she says, adding “The first month I shot for 10 days, and the second month for just one day. It's not the logistic of the payment that worried me but the continuity of the character. I couldn't work according to the whims and fancy of the channel and makers because I am not here just to make money. If that would been the case then I would stick to TV as I could have easily dictated the terms. I am genuinely here to do some good work.” She says that it is not possible to do content driven work on television as the medium does not allow such creative liberty.

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