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Debarati Palit Singh
Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Tina Ahuja speaks about her single—Ranjha, how she is open to different mediums and her career

After making her debut with Second Hand Husband (2015), Tina Ahuja couldn’t make a mark in Bollywood. But she has found new success. The actress starred in the single Milo Na Tum, which has got 30 million hits on YouTube. The Gajendra Verma song is a remix of 70s song. Following that, Tina has featured in Ranjha with rapper Lil Golu and singer Rigul Kalra. The song, too has got 1.9 million views. 

Tina says that Ranjha was shot before Milo Na Tum and due to some reason, it released later. “The song is very close to my heart because it’s my first single as an artist. It’s very a beautiful track and it’s been shot in a way that the youngsters will connect with it. It’s got a ‘today’ kind of feel to it. It’s an universal song. When I heard it for the first time I was like, ‘wow, such a cool song’,” says Govinda’s daughter. 

She says the artists of Ranjha are from Delhi and they are therefore promoting the song more in Delhi, Chandigarh. “Everyone is loving the song and going crazy about it.” 
Sharing her experience working with Golu and Kalra, she says it was an amazing experincenice. “Golu and Kalra are chilled out people. I love Golu’s raps. We had one thing in common, both of us are Maithilis. My mom is half Maithili and so is Golu’s mom,” she says, adding, “Kalra is a very good friend of mine and I really like his voice,” she adds. 
Is the process of work different for films and singles and she says, “It’s the same because as an artist I would like to give my 100 percent to any project that I do. I did not feel any difference while working on the set or before going for the shoot. From styling, shooting to the promotion of the single, there wasn’t any difference.” She is happy and feels lucky that both her singles have been promoted exactly the way films are done. “Now-a-days promotions are so important.” 

Acting is no more restricted to films only, with different mediums opening up, which Tina says is a great thing. “I have shot for a short film and it will release on one of popular OTT platform. I think it’s a phenomenal thing because people are watching more of Netflix and Amazon Prime. How once upon a time, people use to talk about films, the same is happening with web. I am being offered good work and I am open to every medium,” says.
As the discussion moves towards her being a star kid and therefore people being critical of her talent compared to those who made on their own, she says, ‘she did not bother about such discussions’. “My focus is on how to move forward. All these things are part and parcel of the profession you choose and I have seen my father going through the same phase. So, I started working with my dad on production and I still do. I got to learn lot of things and offers started coming my way and I started picking up good work.” 

Tina says she is conscious about the content she chooses not because of the name she carries, but because she doesn’t want to do anything and everything. “I want to do projects that make me happy. I want to be sure of what I am taking up,” she signs off.    

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