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Alisha Shinde and Amrita Prasad
Friday, 29 December 2017

While some are planning to go out and party hard this New Year's Eve, there are many who prefer spending quality time at home bonding with their loved ones. Alisha Shinde and Amrita Prasad talk to city-based individuals who usher in the New Year at home

Do you hate making table booking at restaurants or waiting for a table? Does loud music and crowded   night clubs make you uncomfortable? Instead of hitting clubs and bistros during the party season, if you like to hang out with close friends and family in the confines of your home, you are not alone. A lot of people these days are skipping going out and partying, and prefer to stay home and do things they enjoy.

Light on the pocket
 For city-based youth Aarti Athavle, going out for a New Year’s party is a big no-no. Her parents believe that safety is a big issue around this time of year, hence she spends her New Year’s at one of her friends’ place. “They think it is safe. Being in college, we are on a tight budget because of which we cannot think of indulging in fancy activities. That is why we started our own New Year Party trend and have been organising pyjama parties which are pocket-friendly and convenient. We have a movie marathon with a huge tub of warm popcorn and post midnight, we bake Nutella cookies. We have a blast with the people that matter the most to us, and that too within the comfort of our home. I think that is the best way one could actually be spending New Year’s when on a budget. So what if we don’t get to have a night out, our night is way better than the loud parties happening all over the city,” says Athavle who is pursuing digital marketing.

Celebrating togetherness
Vrishali Shinde feels that partying at clubs is not just a waste of money, but also puts one’s safety at risk. She has been staying home on New Year’s Eve and spending some quality time with her loved ones for some years now. “Since most of us have children, we actually cannot think of going out. But that has never deterred us from having fun. We just meet up at one of our friends’ place and order everything from pizza to biryani. So not just are the kids happy but even we enjoy ourselves. We play board games like Pictionary, Ludo, and Dumb Charades which is a lot of fun, especially in a big group,” says the mother of a four-year-old.
In addition to the board games, Shinde and her gang are also planning to have karoke sessions just to make the party more interesting. They will begin their countdown a few seconds before it’s 12 and sharp at midnight, they will release lanterns in the sky from her garden. “The children get really excited and that is the happiness we get to experience. We prefer being with our near and dear ones, and not in a sea of unknown people,” says Shinde.
An animal lover, she believes that house parties are the best also because you do not have to leave behind your pets all alone at home.

Netflix and chill
“Who needs company or a booking at night club when you can use the power of internet to have a great time watching your favourite TV or web series at home with a few cans of beer?” asks Nishant Joshi, city-based student. Joshi loves binging on Netflix and Hotstar and he is determined to watch some of his favourite series like 13 Reasons Why,  Game of Thrones and some old classics while enjoying a delicious meal from his favourite Chinese restaurant. Says he, “It is not that I want to spend New Year alone. I invite friends over to watch these series and films with me, but if nobody comes, I am absolutely fine with it as I get to have some 'me-time' and drink as much beer as I want. But if you go out to a nightclub for a party, you have to be bothered about how to get back home after the event and so on.”

Barbecue and conversations
Food and party go hand and in hand for Suraj Sharma, city-based IT professional, who believes in cooking some great meal with his gang. He completely despises the idea of eating at a restaurant, especially on the New Year’s Eve. For the last five years, Sharma and his friends, who are working in the city and staying away from home just like him, have been organising barbecue parties at his place, followed by a bonfire in his garden area. “We are all living without our families here which further calls for occasions where we can enjoy together and not feel homesick. I have a barbecue and grill setup at home, which I take out around this time. From Grilled Chicken to Roasted  Lamb, we make dishes that we absolutely love, and relish them with our favourite wine,” says Sharma.
He loves music that is soothing and isn’t game for loud music played at night clubs where two people cannot hear each other. Hence he has a playlist that all his friends love. They unwind listening to the songs. “Why go to a night club where you spend thousands and return home with a hangover and empty pockets. Cooking with friends brings us closer and gives us an opportunity to pour our hearts out. While we enjoy the entire afternoon and evening making the barbecue, we later make a bonfire and sing songs, play the guitar and sometimes dance,” says Sharma.

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