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Anjali Jhangiani
Sunday, 21 January 2018

Aurelio, an internationally renowned sound healer, gives you all the low-down on this methodology

Aurelio, an internationally renowned sound healer, gives you all the low-down on this methodology

Meet Aurelio: a communal artist, innovative activist, organologist, ceremonial musician, and an internationally renowned sound healer. Born in Austria, he is the founder and creative director of SVARAM, a vocational training and music research station, and a resident of Auroville, for the last 25 years.

We talk to him about the concept of sound healing before he hosts a Sound Immersion Session as a part of the Quantum Energy Conclave 2 (2018) on January 27 at Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru.

What is sound therapy
Aurelio explains that there are different modalities of sound therapy, which bring together ancient practices and new sciences. “Basically the sensory impact of the sound makes the mind focus on one’s presence, stilling the thinking process and leading to deeper states of consciousness. This also results in physical relaxation in which the homeostatic (self-healing) powers of one’s system can be activated and enhanced, re-balancing the organism,” says Aurelio, who has always been inclined towards music. “Travelling, studying and experiencing different traditions sparked a deeper inner and scientific inquiry. Working in a musical craft development project brought in the love for the rich diversity of musical instruments from all over the world. Seeing and learning about the deeper dimensions of music and sound made me recognise its higher role in healing, ceremony and celebration,” says he.

With more and more people suffering from stress-related diseases, sound therapy might be a relaxing option for them. “A high percentage of modern and chronic disorders are related to stress and its disturbing influences on the mind-body field. Sound directly invokes the interrelatedness of all the phenomena from the very subtle to the gross physical, and works towards overall re-balancing, alignment and nourishment, reinvigoration of the complex system of the individual being,” he says.

Sound Immersion Session
During his Sound Immersion Session at the conclave, he will be guiding the participants into a deep relaxation, which will result in slipping into the alpha state of mind. When we are actively awake, our brain is believed to be in the beta state. Alpha state is at the base of our conscious awareness; it is the gateway to our subconscious mind. “Participants will be lying for 45 minutes, while musicians will play purely acoustic and naturally tuned instruments to guide the inner experience,” he says, describing the activity involved in the session. “Anyone who is open for a deep inner experience of deeper states of being should attend this session. Though the benefits of the session will depend on the actual state and situation of individual participants, one can be assured that they will have an enriched awareness of their self, the world and subtler realms of reality,” he adds.

Life in Auroville
Auroville is a universal city, in the making, in South India, dedicated to the ideal of human unity based on the vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. “I feel that Auroville is a very rich field of exploration, research, learning and integration. The residents are active in many different ways, contributing to the whole, as best as we can. In my case, it is through social cultural entrepreneurship, and the healing arts for which I conduct trainings, studies and projects,” shares Aurelio, adding that living there for two-and-a-half decades has made him learn important lessons such as “The interrelatedness of all life and the necessity to serve the larger web of life and humanity’s evolutionary journey for a brighter and more wholesome future.”


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