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Poorna Kulkarni
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Chatting up Kathak dancer Sujata Bhide who has organised a two day music and dance festival — Kathak Parampara — in the city

Classical dance and instrumental music have an inseparable relationship, a mutually symbiotic association, which contributes to the Indian classical arts scene. A music and dance festival — Kathak Parampara, which intends to showcase this bond, will be held in the city on May 31 and June 1. 

The festival, organised by Sannidhan Trust, will pay a tribute to Kathak maestros, Guru Kundanlal Gangani and late Guru Dr Rohini Bhate. 

Says Sujata Bhide, who formed the Trust and is a senior student of Bhate, “I have been working with special children for the last one decade or so. I have been teaching them the same dance techniques that I teach my able students. However, I realised a lot of work has to be done that goes beyond teaching these kids. Therefore, I decided to start this event, through which I can promote classical art forms. If the special children find it difficult to dance, they can try learning instrumental music. The proceeds from this festival will go towards their upliftment.”

The Line-Up 
On the first day of the festival, senior artists will be guiding budding Kathak performers. At Abhinav Vidyalay, Amruta Gogte and her team of artists will perform, following which Guru Nilima Hirwe and Guru Neha Muthiyan’s students will present a Kathak dance recital. The disciples of Bhide, who runs Samradhan Kathak Dance Academy, and Aabha Bamburkar’s Deeksha Kathak Dance Academy, will also be performing.  

On Saturday, top artists of international repute including Kathak dancer Dheerendra Tiwari, djembe player Taufiq Qureshi and Jaltarang artist Milind Tulankar will perform at Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha.

Reputed Kathak exponent 
Pt Rajendra Gangani will also be performing on Saturday evening. The programme will conclude with a scintillating performance by Gangani and the instrumentalists — Qureshi, Tulankar and Pt Ramdas Palsule, tabla player. 

Gangani, who is eager to perform with other artists, says, “I will be presenting a piece on traditional Kathak style. At the end, people will see the sangam, the confluence of Kathak with other instruments. We will be closing it like a grand finale. I am happy to perform with Tulankar, Ustad Taufiq Qureshi and Pt Palsule. They are all great artists, I am sure it is going to be a memorable evening.” 

To empower
Talking more about the cause, for which the artists are coming together, Bhide says, “Kathak Parampara is in its second year, but we are holding it for the first time under the aegis of Sannidhan Trust, which was formed six months back. We started the Trust so that we could work more closely with students living below poverty line as also special kids. There are many organisations which work for normal kids, but comparatively fewer ones support special kids through classical art forms.”

The artist has been successful in enabling two of her students, who hailed from rural areas, to become independent. “I have learnt so much from my Guru, that I feel I must give this knowledge to society in the best way and through the best medium I know. I get immense satisfaction when I work on  these students,” she says. 

“I believe everyone has an aesthetic value in them; it just  needs to be nurtured in the right way. Ever since I started working as a dance therapist in a school for these kids, I have got amazing response. For instance, there was a hearing-impaired student, who was completely disinterested in the proceedings. I knew that at some stage I would be able to pique his curiosity and that’s what happened. I know they have limitations but getting them interested and staying dedicated to the art form is a huge thing in itself,” she adds. 

ST Reader Service
Kathak Parampara festival will be held on May 31 and June 1. Kathak performances by various groups will be held on Friday at Adarsh Abhinav Auditorium, Abhinav Vidyalay, Erandwane from 5.30 to 8.30 pm. On June 1, the event will be held at Yashwantrao Chavan Natyragruha, from 5.30 to 9 pm. Donation passes are available at the venue.

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